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Strategy to Crack UPSC CSE by Artika Shukla (AIR 4 CSE 2015)


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Artika Shukla

The course consists of lessons that provide an effective strategy for CSE Prelims and Interview, Booklist and Resources for cracking the CSE Prelims, and some extremely useful advice for increasing your chances of success. Artika Shukla, a doctor by profession, prepared for a duration of just 6 months and cracked it in her first attempt itself. Tags: Syllabus for UPSC CSE, Strategy to Crack CSE by toppers, IAS Toppers, Syllabus for IAS, Indian Administrative Service, UPSC CSE free videos, UPSC Online, UPSC Exam, UPSC Examination, UPSC Syllabus, UPSC, IAS Exam, IAS Questions, IAS Syllabus, IAS Preparation, IAS Exam Syllabus, CSE Exam, CSE Syllabus.

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