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Interview Strategy for UPSC CSE by Artika Shukla (AIR 4)
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In this lesson Artika Shukla shares her interview experience. In the very beginning, she explains her strategies before the interview. Lastly, she throws light on the questions which were asked to her by the interview panel.​

Artika shukla
AIR 4 in UPSC CSE. Pursued MBBS from Mulana Azad Medical College. Loves to read and solve puzzles.

Unacademy user
Hello Artika Mam, I Gaurav M. Vispute, chartered accountant by profession. I have decided to do upsc. But I have little bit confussion while selecting optional subject. What type of optional subject should I select whether commerce and accountancy which is practical subject or theoretical subject like history, economics. Please suggest.
Omkar Gaikwad
2 years ago
watch the videos by Ankita Singh and Roman Saini regarding the doubt
Thankyou @Artika ! Can you please hint on what should a female candidate ideally wear for an interview to make it look formal. Can female candidate opt for trousers?
thank you man! really it's very useful for me
Dear Madam Can you plz suggest some source/resource for Sanskrit Litt for CSE Mains.........may be if possible.....I believe last time Shashank Tripathi cleared it from Sanskrit Litt....Plz provide either contact no or email id of Shashank Tripathi.......if his contact details are not available......Plz help if possible.... regards
Hello mam!! Can u Plz share the process or the way you used to through the newspaper.
  1. Strategy for UPSC CSE Interview Presented by Artika Shukla (AIR 4 UPSC CSE 2015)

  2. About me . Rank in CSE 2015 4 . 25 years old MBBS in Maulana Azad Medical College Course fees: CONTRIBUTE Follow me on Unacademy:

  3. Before the interview . Scanned newspapers . Google alerts for medicine . AYUSH & MCI .Vajiram and Samkalp mock sessions

  4. During the interview Chairman of board Shri Vinay Mittal . 30 to 35 minutes . Scope and diversity . Impact on common citizens of the country

  5. Interview Question 1 : So you're from Varanasi.. the PM's constituency. How has it changed your opinion, one major difference....since the 2014 general elections? A1 - As a common citizen.. the one very conspicuous change has been cleaning of the river Ganga and the ghats. Initiatives like e boats and Shav Vahinis have really transformed the faces of ghats.

  6. Interview Also..the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has helped bring dustbins on the roads. Thus benefitting the common citizen and has increased the cleanliness drive across the city. Q2- Lots of technical questions on spurious drugs, MCI regulations, need to regulate medical ethics, opinion regarding NEET exam etc.. I had answered them reasonably well I suppose

  7. Interview a3- what is your opinion regarding reduction of age in Juvenile Justice bill? A3- I cant remember clearly, but I was forced to take a stand. So I had said that justice should be reformative rather than retributive..instead of punishing that one juvenile and leaving him to rot in an adult jail,we should try to rehabilitate and reform the entire system of remand homes and juvenile care facilities.

  8. Interview Also that it goes against Rights of the child (UN convention),our own domestic definition of childhood and the psychological evidence of maturity Q4- what is the one most recent step taken by the govt in the area of women empowerment? A4- Govt has recently allowed female fighter pilots in the Indian Air force.

  9. Interview Was asked which other countries already have female fighter pilots..did not know the answer. Q5- Was also asked about my favourite author and novel in brief. Q5. Was your interview on the expected lines of what you had prepared or did they ask you totally unexpected questions? Was it a stress interview? If yes, how did you handle it?

  10. Interview A5 Questions were mostly on expected lines. I did get nervous when I couldn't answer a few factual questions in medicine but the board tried to make comfortable. en I couldn't All in all, a very cordial and cool experience. Q6. Any side details about technicalities like "make sure you bring xyz document, or you'll face problem"? No.