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Story of Village Palampur - Part 1
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Class 9 summary of NCERT.

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I went through Roman sir course on time table for 2019 one year schedule... I really wish if unacademy could make course on mock test or revision test or test series based on that vry schedule made by roman sir... plz sir kindly convey my request to the team of unacademy
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yes Anupriya I'm looking for alao
sir u always make the concept clear and xplntn is really nice as usual have to say again this coz i hv mentioned it earlier on study iq but still sir u hv gr8 voice..btw sir thank u for presenting this course
sir please make course mixes hindi and English
Thanks for this course sir. Please make this course for all relevant economics ncert from 9th to 12th for upsc cse.
great explanation sir... please continue the course for economy ncert ,thank you so much
  1. Textbook for Class The Story of Village Palampur


  3. PART1


  5. To introduce some basic concepts relating to the production in a hypothetical village called Palampur

  6. Organisation of Production The aim of production is to produce the goods and services that we want. Every production is organised by combining-land, labour, physical capital and human capital, which are known as factors of production

  7. Organisation of Production There are four requirements for production of goods and services. Land Labour Physical Capital (the variety of inputs required at every stage during production) Fixed capital: Tools, machines, buildings can be used in production over many years. working capital: Raw materials and money in hand Knowledge and enterprise

  8. Factors of Production These are the inputs needed to provide goods and services Land: Includes any natural resources, seas, oceans, underground, the sky, where buildings are built. Labour: Includes all human effort, mental or physical. Capital: Goods used to supply other productsEntrepreneurshi or en- ter-prize is the willingness and ability to take risks and make decisions for the business. and services.

  9. Organisation of production: Land . Farming is the main production activity in the village Palampur, so majority of the population is engaged and dependent on agriculture for livelihood. Increasing farm production is constrained as land under cultivation is fixed, although during the 1960s some of the wastelands have been converted to cultivable land and further e C