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Silicates ( in Hindi)
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In this video, Anirudh Walia discussed silicate. Orthosilicate, pyrosilicate, cyclic silicate, chain silicate, 2 D sheet silicate.

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Anirudh Walia
Chemistry Educator || Famous for Inorganic Tricks

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You completely nailed it! Amazing video, lots of myths busted. It felt as if you read all the doubts in my mind and cleared it :)
very precise and relevant content..... best for last minute revision which is totally NCERT Based,,, thank u very much.... it helped me in revising inorganic for AIIMS Exam....... good work...
it helped me to score 140 marks in NEET Thanks a lot
Sir your way of teaching is very good and helpful for us .Thanks sir
sir aap chapterwise chemistry karwao.chapter 4 ke baad chapter 5,6,7,8,9,10, serialwise karwao.p block baad me karwana.
  1. SILICATES Silicates have basic unit of SiO4, each silicon atom is bonded with four oxide ions tetrahedrally. oOygen Silicon Plane projection of silicate ion

  2. There are following types of silicates (a) Orthosilicates : These silicates contain single discrete unit of SiO tetrahedral. Ex. Willemite IZn2SiO, (b)Pyrosilicates Si Si These silicates contain two units of SiO4joined along a corner containing oxygen atom. These are also called as island silicate. Ex. Hemimorphite Zn (Si20, H20, Pyrosilicates ion Si2 O,6

  3. (c) Cyclic structure : Cyclic or ring silicate having general formula (SiO or (SiO32n- Structure and example of cyclic silicates containing SigO6 and SigO1812- ions are given below Ex. Beryl eASi

  4. (d) Chain silicates: Chain silicates are formed by sharing two oxygen atoms by each tetrahedral. Anions of chain silicate have two general formula 0 (Sio) 2- () Si16 411 Ex. Spodumene Li2Al(SiO3)2 Tremolite Ca Mg,(Si4O112(OH)2

  5. Two dimensional sheet silicates : In such silicates, three oxygen atoms of each tetrahedral are shared with adjacent Sio44- tetrahedral, such sharing forms two dimensional sheet structure with general formula (Si2O)2n-Ex. Talc (e)