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(Hindi) Notes on P Block Elements (Group 14): IIT JEE


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Anirudh Walia

In this course, Anirudh Walia comprehensively covers Group 14 of the P block. Starting from physical properties, chemical properties and study of important compounds of the Carbon Family. Each and every concept will be explained in a very lucid manner.



17 reviews

thakur satyam

reviewed on Dec 8, 2019

really great job teach us in very convenient way. makes a topic very easy to understand thank you sir


reviewed on Nov 12, 2019

Best lecture, good explanation, nice teaching style. You are the best teacher of chemistry. Thank you sir for making this best free video lecture.

Gaurav Haryana

reviewed on Nov 24, 2019

thanks very much sir...This is very helpful to me.............

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