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Objective Questions Set -1 ( in Hindi)
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In this video, Anirudh Walia discussed solved objective questions on Group 14 ( Carbon Family)

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Anirudh Walia
Chemistry Educator || Famous for Inorganic Tricks

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  1. SiCl4 is easily hydrolysed but CCl4 is not. This is because (a) bonding in SiCl4 is ionic (b) silicon is non-metallic (c) silicon can extend its coordination number beyond four but carbon cannot d) silicon can form hydrogen bonds but carbon cannot.

  2. SiCl4 is easily hydrolysed because Si can extend its coordination number beyond four due to the presence of vacant d-orbitals but carbon cannot do so, hence it is not hydrolysed.

  3. Silica is reacted with Na,Co. Which gas is liberated? (a) CO (c) CO2 (b) O2 (d) O3

  4. The strongest oxidising agent among the given oxides is (a) SiO2 (b) GeO2 (c) SnO2 (d) PbO2

  5. For Pb the more stable oxidation state is +2 but in PbO2, it is in +4 oxidation state thus PbO2 has great tendency to get reduced into PbO (+2 OS). Therefore, it acts as an oxidising agent.

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