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Overview of Course (in Hindi)
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In this video, Anirudh Walia discussed overview of the course.

Anirudh Walia is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Anirudh Walia
Chemistry Educator || Famous for Inorganic Tricks

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kpas me aag - jilla yar rakhvani short trik, krkbrvu psar that's jilaa k.kuchh p- patan s surerndngr m mhesana a..arvalli g. Gandhingr
physics notes of 11th and 12th for neet and aims.
Sir in this video nothing is there. I want the notes and video on p block grp 14 elements. So please send me the link.
sir aap chapterwise chemistry karwao.chapter 4 ke baad chapter 5,6,7,8,9,10, serialwise karwao.p block baad me karwana.
sir u are simply superb
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  2. Inorganic Chemistry Classification of elements & periodicity in properties All videos available Chemical Bonding -on my S- Block (Group 1 & 2) Hydrogen P Block (Group 13 to 18) D Block (Group 3 to 12) F Block (Lanthanides & Actinides) Unacade my Profile Coordination Compounds Metallurgy

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  4. Chapter wise Objective Questions JEE/NEET / AIIMS With detailed Solution S BLOCK NOTES S BLOCK NOTES Group 1 [AIkali Metals] Theory +Questions Aniry Valia Group 2 Theory +Questions Aniry Valia By Anirudh Walia By Anirudh Walia By Anirudh Walia Hindi) Chapter-wise Chemistry Solved Questions: IIT JEE (Hindi) S Block: Group 2 [Alkaline Earth Metals ] for JEE. S Block: Group 1 [Alkali Metals] for JEE & NEET 5Lessons 6 14 Lessons 14 Lessons 11 ratings-2 reviews 12 ratings -2 reviews 18 ratings-4 review CHEMICAL Class11 Classification of elements & Periodicity in properties Class 11 Chemistry Atomic Structure Unit 2JEE Main+ Advanced JEE+NEET Unit 3 Class XI Anirudh Walia By Anirudh Walia By Anirudh Walia By Anirudh Walia (Hindi) Chemical Bonding (Unit 4): JEE Main & NEET (Hindi) Classification of Elements and Periodic Properties... (Hindi) Atomic Structure (Unit 2): JEE Main & NEET 29 Lessons 17 Lessons 26 Lessons

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  6. unacademy Home Explore Plus a search Courses, Topics & Educators Login Signup Anirudh Walia VERIFIED Follow Teaching on Unacademy since 20161 Youtube Channel: Anirudh Walia, 1 Lac Subscribers, 6 Million+ views 54228 Views in last 30 days 594,155 Lifetime Views 33 Courses 21.6k Followers 1 Following Complete Notes Group 13 Jee/ NEET Target JEE NEET GOCR Hydrogen Complete Notes For IITJEE, NEET, AIIMS aspirants ZERO to HERO General Orgaic Chemistry Anirudaa Anir By Anirudh Walia By Anirudh Walia By Anirudh Walia (Hindi) P Block (Group 13)-Notes: IIT JEE (Hindi) General Organic Chemistry for IT JEE (Hindi) Hydrogen: Complete Notes for JEE&NEET