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Section 3 part 5
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Pavan Choudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Pavan Choudhary
Winner of Clever invention award December 2018, No.1 Educator in MPPSC Category Director Saarthi Education, Youtuber

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ji in apradho ke liya saja ko badaye jane ki jrurt he, panisment jyada hogi to sc/st ke khilaf crime bhi km honge
kyu sc/st wale insaan nhi h kya
thank you so much sir
dhanyavad sir 🙏💐
  1. Social legislation Important ACt Or of Pre Mains unacademy

  2. MPPSC PRE+MAINS 2019 Mains Paper Topic 3 Pre Topic 10

  3. Schedule caste and Schedule Tribe Prevention of Atrocities act) 1989

  4. (x) corrupts or fouls the water of any spring, reservoir or any other source ordinarily used by members of the SC/ST so as to render it less fit for the purpose for which it is ordinarily used (y) denies a member of a SC/ST any customary right of passage to a place of public resort or obstructs such member so as to prevent him from using or having access to a place of public resort to which other members of public or any other section thereof have a right to use or access to (z) forces or causes a member of a SCYST to leave his house, village or other place of residence

  5. (za) obstructs or prevents a member of a SC/ST in any manner with regard to (A) using common property resources of an area, or burial or cremation ground equally with others or using any river, water- tap or any bathing ghat, any public conveyance, any road, or passage (B) mounting or riding bicycles or motor cycles or wearing footwear or new clothes in public places or taking out wedding procession, or mounting a horse or any other vehicle during wedding processions (C) entering any place of worship which is open to the public or other persons professing the same religion or taking part in, or taking out, any religious, social or cultural processions including jatras

  6. (D)entering any educational institution, hospital, dispensary ry health centre, shop or place of public enter tainment primar or any other public place; or using any utensils or articles meant for public use in any place open to the public (E) practicing any profession or the carrying on of any occupation, trade or business or employment in any jo which other members of the public, or any section thereof, have a right to use or have access to (zb) causes physical harm or mental agony of a member of a SC/ST on the allegation of practicing witchcraft or being a witch (zc) imposes or threatens a social or economic boycott of any person or a family or a group belonging to a SC/ST

  7. shall be punishable with imprisonment for term which shall not be less than six months bu which may extend to five years and with fine