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Section 3 Offence of atrocities part 1
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  1. Social legislation Important ACt Or of Pre Mains unacademy

  2. MPPSC PRE+MAINS 2019 Mains Paper Topic 3 Pre Topic 10

  3. The Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993 Protection to Women Women & Criminal Law [Under Indian Constitution Law & criminal Procedure code] Protection of Women From Domestic Violence Act-2005 The Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955 The Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, Social Legislation Right to Information Act, 2005 Environment (Protection) Act 1986 The Consumer Protection Act 1986 Information Technology Act, 2000 The Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 The Madhya Pradesh Lok Sewaon ke Pradan ki Guarantee Adhiniyam- 2010

  4. Schedule caste and Schedule Tribe Prevention of Atrocities act) 1989

  5. CHAPTER I Offence of Atrocities

  6. Section3 Punishment for offence of atrocities l3TFTUR (1)Whoever, not being a member of a Scheduled Caste or a Scheduled HCFT (a) puts any inedible or obnoxious substanee into the mouth of a member of a SC/ST or forces such member to drink or eat such inedible or obnoxious substance (b) dumps excreta, sewage, carcasses or any other obnoxious substance in premises, or at the entrance of the premises, occupied by a member of a sC/Sl es oacuie menber olh o

  7. (c) with intent to cause injury, insult or annoyance to any member of a Scheduled Caste or a Scheduled Tribe, dumps excreta, waste matter, carcasses or any other obnoxious substance in his neighbourhood; d) garlands with footwear or parades naked or semi-naked a member of a SC/ST (e) forcibly commits on a member of a SC/ST any act, such as removing clothes from the person, forcible tonsuring of head, removing moustaches, painting face or body or any other similar act, which is derogatory to human dignity

  8. (f) wrongfully occupies or cultivates any land, owned by, or in the possession of or allotted to, or notified by any competent authority to be allotted to, a member of a SC/ST, or gets such land transferred (g) wrongfully dispossesses a member of a SC/ST from his land or premises or interferes with the enjoyment of his rights, including forest rights, over any land or premises or water or irrigation facilities or destroys the crops or takes away the produce there fro GT

  9. h) makes a member of a SC/ST to do "begar" or other forms of forced or bonded labour other than any compulsory service for public purposes imposed by the Government (i) compels a member of a SC/ST to dispose or carry human or animal carcasses, or to dig graves (j) makes a member of a SC/ST to do manual scavenging or employs or permits the employment f such member for such (k) performs, or promotes dedicating a SC/ST woman to a deity, idol, object of worship, temple, or other religious institution as a devadasi or any other similar practice or permits aforementioned acts