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Scientific Shortcuts To Success: Increasing Willpower - Our Biggest Asset 1.2 Bursting Myths (Hindi)
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This lesson starts with some scientific definitions of willpower. It then follows on bursting various myths associated with the concept of willpower like willpower is abstract, it can't be measured, I’ve enough willpower/this lesson won’t help, willpower is infinite etc.

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Roman Saini
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you are teaching the most important part of life. no one ever teach this type of thing in entire lyf. good job sir????
Thank you sir ,,,, sir hmaare jese bohot saare logo ko aapke or lesson ki jarurat h .hindi me or lesson bnaiye
Sir we loved your all 3 series and thank you so much sir for these series and waiting for the next series...
hello sir , thanku for such awesome videos . hope you will try to complete the lesson soon in Hindi
sir plz also name the books which u have read for human pyshology which can help us too...

  2. About me o Read a lot of books on human psychology o Applied them in real life and know what works :) e Follow me: Contribute e Comments

  3. Willpower: Few concepts e Delay gratification, resist immediate temptations so as to achieve long- term goals. . Ability to consciously shift attention from an unwanted thought, feeling or impulse. e Utilising "cool" cognitive system of behaviour instead of "hot" emotional system Regulation of self by self.

  4. Willpower is abstract, can't be measured #50-60 years ago : Yes e Now No Lots of researches done in this field . Scientific principles have been established after lot of trials . Scientists : Duckworth, Baumeister, Moffitt etc. Scientists: Duckworth, Baumcister, Mofit tc.

  5. I've enough willpower/this lesson won't help . More than half the population admits that they are unable to develop tham halt the populaton admits that they are una healthy habits due to lack of willpower Even if you are among the top 1%, you can still improve it . Scope of improvement is absent only when we are dead

  6. Willpower is infinite It is the same source that gets depleted no matter what you do e Whether you buy milk, alcohol, cookies, go for vacation, pay for your funeral, or gift your spouse, it is always YOUR MONEY which gets depleted. So for source that gets tapped e So for any decision you take or any activity you do, it is the same . What clothes to wear, what to order for restaurant, which pen to but, which movie to watch, which book to read etc.

  7. If I had just more time for myself... In a study, participants reported that if only they had more time, they will be able to develop their willpower e But the truth is it won't just increase by itself, without putting in resources (time, effort, money

  8. Intelligence and illpower are same: God Gift e Nothing can be farther from truth 1Q is determined by your gernes to e Though it is true that IQ is determined by your genes to a large extent, willpower can be increased drastically There are simple exercises (which I will tell you in this series), which will help in improving your willpower

  9. High IQ is more important than self-control . No . IQ is the engine in the car, the better it is, the faster it will go e Willpower is like driver, if it will not steer in the right direction, you will Studies have proven that having more willpower is more important tharn never win the race higher IQ People with high IQ not necessary are the big achievers, some of them developing mental illness, doing mediocre jobs or even committing suicides!

  10. Willpower yields temporary gains e Willpower once developed produces long term gains Willpower once developed p . Though it will need stimulation in between Just like you take booster dosage for vaccines