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(Hindi) Principles To Improve Willpower Part 2
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This lesson continues the discussion on the Principles to improve Willpower and it talks about how we should not aim for perfection in most of the fields, we should develop your willpower when we are free, looking out for the numerous depletion signs, the power of no, focus on basics : Keep yourself organised and ends with the discussion on importance of sleep in rejuvenating willpower.

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sir u told in this video not to take major decision if i am taking a decision to become a I.A.S. officer ...does it decreas my will power or not ? plz reply
unho ne kaha jab willpower lowest ho to koi major decision mat lena jab willpower zada ho tab to major lesakte hai jaise suba utne ke baad
One of the best course on self development Thanks Dr. Roman Sir!
Sir how multi task personalities like Ab divilers generate and mange thier tasks and will power
Thanx Roman Sir for providing such series of exclusive knowledge. Nobody tells these all. Thnx a lot .
please make more videos! so that we can better apply the lessons .

  2. Aim for 80% perfection /completion Applicable to most of the tasks e Making a choice: Best fridge, book, clothes, restaurant, air conditioner, physical conditioning Setting goals like weight loss, finishing a certain topic etc. e Don't fall in this trap The first 80% of any task can be achieved easily with 20% of the effort The last 20% will not be achieved even if you double your effort (you would have to quadruple it)

  3. "Don't chase perfection, except in a specific field of your choosing

  4. Develop your willpower when you are free e Work on strengthening willpower when you have free time e When you are not answerable to anyone and are not devoting much time to finishing a particular goal like . Working/Studying 12 hours a day Trying to exercise or lose weight Learning a new skill (driving, guitar etc.) Getting ready for marriage

  5. "Develop good habits so that the behaviour is automated when u face a crises. If you want peace, prepare for war vo "

  6. Look out for depletion signs . Getting more irritated than usual e Want to kill your neighbour for playing music aloud or your son for getting a B Are not able to decide even on simplest of things e Unable to control hitting someone or hurling verbal abuses e Developing craving for junk food want to spend a lot of money on shopping

  7. Look out for depletion signs tment during this time e Don't make any commi e Avoid fighting just hang up the phone . Don't go out otherwise you will end up with sore relations, fat bills and fat around your belly Observe yourself as a third person small chocolate, sugary drink) e When your willpower is depleted, just eat some sugar (a toffee, sugar itself, Eat a healthy meal (protein and complex carbohydrates), take a nap

  8. Don't say yes to everything . Learn the Power of NO Pick your battles, be really choosy e Don't do what you don't like just to make others happy e Don't say yes instantaneously e Think about the long term consequences rather than short term gains

  9. Focus on basics : Keep yourself organised e Devote sometime in daily affairs: bathing, cleaning, doing dishes, . Most of the people tend to cut back on some or all of the above e It helps a lot in the long run as your brain works much better when a making bed, washing clothes, cat healthy, sleep sound during approaching deadlines (students during exams etc.) minimum basics of neatness in your environment is taken care

  10. Focus on basics : Keep yourself organised Keep your work and study desk neat and clean (mind will be less distracted) drives, G drives, emails etc.) organised Spending little time on organising is like warm up before you go to It is even more important to keep your online life (PC, mobile, hard gym, it is essential and it improves the efficiency