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IMPORTANT science question for ssc

Ashok Sirohi
I am Asprints of SSC CGL also give CGL Main 2 time.I am teaching last 3 year Math with my trick I have youtube channel with 1.5 MILLION sub

Unacademy user
A good for which demand increases as the price increases, because of its exclusive nature and appeal as a status symbol. A Veblen good, like a Giffen good, has an upward-sloping demand curve, which runs counter to the typical downward-sloping curve. However, a Veblen good is generally a high-quality, coveted product, in contrast to a Giffen good which is an inferior product that does not have easily available substitutes. As well, the increase in demand for a Veblen good reflects consumer tastes and preferences, unlike a Giffen good, where higher demand is directly attributable to the price increase. Read more: Veblen Good Follow us: Investopedia on Facebook
  1. ans. GG ans.

  2. ans. cca

  3. ans. 3gfa

  4. ans. 332 ans

  5. ans. ans.

  6. FE ans ans. 4 C

  7. ans. 3 13 TIT

  8. ans ans. 19713

  9. ans. AtTuT