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Science Question part 10
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Science Question for ssc

Ashok Sirohi
I am Asprints of SSC CGL also give CGL Main 2 time.I am teaching last 3 year Math with my trick I have youtube channel with 1.5 MILLION sub

Unacademy user

  1. ans. TICE 3 General Science .TT ZT Tat

  2. 107. Ref T3T24 TRYT fa HE@g. (

  3. ans

  4. ans. TGT.TR 3TT! TETap 76t ans.

  5. ans. ans. 115, what

  6. XO-biolo ans. ans. ans.

  7. ans. ans. GIGT ans.aT

  8. ans. Han ans. ra ans.

  9. ans. To , ans. )