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Science Question Part 4(In Hindi)
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Ashok Sirohi
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Unacademy user
sir in question no.9 you taken wrong because they started work together for 4 days then A left ,Yes exactly because 1st 4 days they did work together so total 52 units done,than a left and b left after 2 days so B and C did work together 2 days total 14 units and remaining units is done by C = (192-52-14)=126, C do in days = 126/3 =42 days ! Thanks
Jitendra Singh
3 years ago
You have calculated the days when C worked alone.But C has worked 4 days with A,B and next 2 days with B only,and rest alone so total days are 48 days.
Praveen, ur answer-42 would b right if question was- how many more days will C take to finish it ! But since question says that how many days will it(here it=work not C) take to complete so we have to calculate total no. of days taken to complete the work which is 42+6 =48
Aryan Tyagi
3 years ago
sir question no.10 kse kiya..?...A=12,B=15, .one day work ..A=5,B=4,C=3....then they worked togther for 2 2*(5+4+3)=24...last two days C WILL WOK..SO TWO DAYS WORK OF c..3* worl done in these days=24+6=30...remaning worK WAS done by B+C.....60-30=30.....30/(4+3).....TOTAL DAYS 58/7aaega...kya ye shi h sir..?
superbb video sir but sir Kharpatwar, Apriscrat, Visankramit, Antsyandan etc. word's ka meaning bta diya kariye samajh me nhi ate h