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Science Question 21
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Science for ssc

Ashok Sirohi
I am Asprints of SSC CGL also give CGL Main 2 time.I am teaching last 3 year Math with my trick I have youtube channel with 1.5 MILLION sub

Unacademy user
Hi Kunal, thanks for putting a comment here. See when we prepare the lectures than we have to go through many sources. Everywhere points are almost same but described in a different way. I have not stolen content from anywhere, but yes I have consulted the mentioned link to make this lecture more clear and on a point by point basis. I think you'll understand my stand and respect the lecture. Thanks.
Subash Shankar
4 years ago
It doesnot matter as long as the objective of consolidating and explaining the concepts in clear manner is not compromised. In that way, this series has achieved its objective...
  1. ans. ans.

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  6. ans ?

  7. (177 ans. 0.75 ZT

  8. ans. faTT ans. ans.

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