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Schools of Psychology - Part 1
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Mouli Roy
Yutube Channel SAHOJPATH. Advocate. B.A.LL.B. Cleared All India Bar Council Exam. MBA pursuing Faculty of Law, UPSC, WBPSC.

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thank you mam...ebhabei help korun amader..taratari sesh korben mam subject ta
Dreadful madam very helpful or more.

  2. HI,EVERYONE THIS IS MOULI ROY ABOUT ME Myself Mouli Roy, I am an Advocate - B.A.LL.B I cleared All India Bar Council Exam, 2014. - MBA (HR) Perusing. - Faculty of Law, UPSC.WBPSC. FOLLOW ME:

  3. STRUCTURALISM School of Psychology that stresses the basic units of experience and combinations in which they occur Wilhelm Wundt: A model of the scientific study of mental processes. Argued that the mind must be studied objectively and scientifically. Main concern was with techniques used for uncovering natural laws of the human mind_ HE WAS IN SEARCH FOR THE BASIC UNIT OF THOUGHT

  4. Titchener's approach: Train subjects in introspection and reporting techniques. INTROSPECTIO: Looking inside oneself and try to describe what's going on-understanding oneself. Trained observers introspected and reported what they experienced Try to formulate general theories based on the subjects' reports.

  5. SCHOOLS OF PSYCHOLOGY cont FUNCTIONALISM Theory of mental life and behavior that is concerned with how an organism uses its perceptual abilities to function in its environment. William James: Combined his studies of physiology and philosophy to create psychology. Finst paychology chas at Harand Uninernsiy-concduded tht pre-sensations without associations simply did not exist. James suggested that when we repeat something several times, our nervous systems are changed so that each time we open a door, it is easier to open than it was last time

  6. PSYCHOANALYSIS Sigmund Freud Studied hypnosis and found the "unconscious". 9) Published The Interpretation of Dreams Believed that, much of our behavior is governed by hidden motives and unconscious desires. Maintained that many unconscious desires and conflicts are sexual.

  7. PSYCHOANALYSIS Psychoanalysis-Neo-Freudians Carl Jung, Alfred Adler, Erik Erikson & Karen Horney, Believed in the basics of psychoanalysis, but strayed from some of Freud's ideas on sexual desires

  8. GESTALT PSYCHOLOGY School of Psychology that studies how people perceive and experience objects as whole patterns. Short lived-people didn't really see its potential Approaches structuralism from a different angle. Example: When we see a tree, we see just that, a tree, not a series of branches,

  9. BEHAVIOURISM School of psychology that studies only observable and measurable behavior Watson studied classical conditioning (Pavlov Skinner studied how we can shape human behaviour Operant Conditioning) Operant Conditioning) Studied objective, observable environmental influences on behaviour Treating people with overt problems (observable behavioural problems)