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Role of Allied Sector in Rural Development (in Hindi)
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Role of allied sector in rural development

Anjju Nehraa
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  1. ROLE OF ALLIED SECTOR IN RURAL DEVELOPMENT Agriculture & allied sector including horticulture, floriculture, sericulture, livestock, beekeeping, forestry, fishery, mining & quarrying etc. play a startegic role in economic development. The conctribution of primary sector to GD has steadily declined from 53.71% in 1951 to 17.46% in 2018.

  2. Agriculture is pf so much importance in Indian economy that any positive or negative change in this sector exerts a significant effect on the entire economy Interdependence between agri & ind. Becomes strenghten through the appropriation & generation of various production & demandlinkages in these two sectors Foodgrian production went up from 50.8 mt in 1950 to 275.7 mt in 2016-17 (2.60%annual compound growth rate) Vegetables constitute about 59% of horticulture production

  3. India- 2nd largest fruit and vegetable producer after China. 1st in mango, banana, sapota, pomegranate& aonla, peas & okra production. Milk production- 155.5 mt in 2015-16. Egg production- 82929 mn numbers. Fish production- 10.80 mt. The importance of allied sector is brought out by the fact that as per census 2011, of the 313 mn workers, 166 mn (56.6%) were engaged in these activities India is among 15 leading exporters of agricultural products in the world.

  4. Government schemes:- Soil health card- launched in 2015 Pradhan mantri krishi sinchayee yojana- motto-har khet ko pani. Paramparagat krishi vikas yojana -launched in 2015 Pradhan mantri fasal bima yojana- launched in 2016 Agri market infratstructure fund - Rs. 2000 crore