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Allied Sector as Catalyst of Economic Growth (in Hindi)
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Role of allied sector as catalyst of economic growth

Anjju Nehraa
Cleared RAS Prelims 2015. Worked in SBI for one year. cleared ASRB/Bank PO/HTET/CTET

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Sir i didn't get ur videos only show the intro. ..... where is full video
  1. COURSE- KURUKSHETRA MAGAZINE SUMMARY IN HINDI (APRIL 2018) ISSUE- agriculture & allied sector . By- Anjju Nehraa . Lesson 2- allied sector as catalyst of economic growth

  2. ABOUT ME M.Sc Mathematics from MDU Rohtak . Worked in SBI for one year RAS MAIN 2015 FREE COURSE RATE & RECOMMEND

  3. ALLIED SECTOR AS CATALYST OF ECONOMIC GROWTH Agriculture sector ocuppies a centre stage in indian economy embodying three thrust areas: promote inclusive growth enhance rural income sustain food security. As per census 2011, the total no. of agricultural cultivators & agricultural labourers increased from 234.1 mn in 2001 to 263 mn in 2011. The %age growth of agriculture & allied sector was observed negative at-0.2% in 2014-15. livestock sector has an impressive growth of 7.3%, whereas other sector registered a negative growth.

  4. HORTICULTURE:- horticulture crops resilient to changes in weather conditions. It provides a diverse & balanced diet & employment opportunities. Govt. initiatives- MIDH- for increasing production & reducing post harvest losses. The total horticulture production increased from 191.8 mt in 2006-07 to about 295.2 mt in 2016-17. ANIMAL HUSBANDARY & DAIRY:- play an important in socio-economic development. It constitutes about 30% of agricultural output. It provides employment. Source of subsidiary income

  5. -food- source of animal protein -social security to owners. -draft- ploughing, carting & transport. -dung-fuel, fertilizers & plastering FISHERIES: The vibrancy of the sector can be visualised by the 11 fole ncrease It provides livelihood & foreign exchange. Efforts are being made to standardise the technology of mass-scale seed production of these species & their inclusion as a component of conventional carp polyculture, based on their regional importance.

  6. FORESTRY: India is one the ten most forest rich countries of the world. As of 2016-17, India's forest cover was 79.42mn hectares, or 24.16% of the country's total area. In 2015, forestry industry contributed 1.3% to India's GDP. India is a significant importer of forest products. CONCLUSION: Rural India is becoming less & less agricultural, and allied activities are now a very important part of the livelihood strategies. The allied agricultural sector contribute significantly to economic growth, income diversification, rural employment & poverty reduction.