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Economic Prospects of Dairy Development (in Hindi)
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Economic prospects of dairy development

Anjju Nehraa
Cleared RAS Prelims 2015. Worked in SBI for one year. cleared ASRB/Bank PO/HTET/CTET

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  1. Course:- kurukshetra magazine summary in hindi (april 2018) Issue:-agriculture & allied sector By:- Anjju Nehraa Lesson 4-economic prospects of dairy development

  2. ABOUT ME M.Sc. Mathematics from MDU Rohtak Worked in SBI for one year RAS MAINS 2015 FREE COURSE RATE & REVIEW

  3. ECONOMIC PROSPECTS OF DATRY DEVELOPMENT . India- unique repository of genetic resources of cattle. o 19th livestock census- 190.90 mn cattle 43 indigenous breeds- listed as descript. . Indigenous cattle- more heat tolerant, low maintenance cost & higher feed conversion efficiency. . Milk production from cattle in 2016-17-77.41mt e Milk production increased due to- rapid improvement in genetics & management of dairy animals.

  4. Dairy Development: Challenges & Strategies Dairy development in India- organised effort of GOI, state animal husbandary department, ICAR institues, NDDB, BAIF, private organisations, NGOs, NABARD & state agri uni. e NDDB founded in 1965 in 3 phases with main objective s of increasing milk production, augment rural income & reasonable prices for consumers.

  5. CHALLENGES- Prioritization of breed- based on availability of cattle breeds as per their economic importance. 2. Sustainability of breed-need to develop sustainable breeding strategy. NDRI, Karnal is working on it. 3. Shortage of male germplasm- huge deficit of frozen semen doses of different breeds 4. Assisted reproductive techniques- 5. Sex semen technology- will bring the significant change in dairy development 6. Genomic selection of indigenous breeds of cattle 1.

  6. 7. Acute shortages of feeds and fodder 8. Reproductive problems 9. Metabolic diseases and udder disorders 10. Implementation of central and centrally sponsored schemes on health coverage of cattle. 11. Insurance coverage of dairy animals 12. Skilled human resource development 13. Development of dairy entrepreneurs 14. Strengthening dairy development extension prog

  7. ECONOMIC PROSPECTS -Contributed 4.5 % of total GDP during 2015-16. Roadmaps for increasing the prospects through dairy development will be as follows 2. Dairving with farming. :- 1. Remunerative price of cow milk - 3. promoting dairy based precision organic . 4. Dairy development based on A2 brand millk high producing cattle o 5. Dairy development based on milk as functional dairy food