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Revision of Environmental Engineering : Part 1 (Hindi)
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* Freeman Formula - (P/5 + 10)1136

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Simran Kapoor
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Central idea of the poem The poem conveys that everything get detoriated with time time and tide wait for none for the more human life is short live too . Onces poetess mother would be young but as long as time get detoriated she became aged. ageing is a natural process and moreover non-reversible too
mam can you check freeman formula 1136(p/5+10) or by 10 is correct
Simran Kapoor
9 months ago
Yes plz correct it will be p/5 + 10
HM Zainul
9 months ago
thankyou mam
Mam link for questions please.
Simran Kapoor
9 months ago
Ok check my feed