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Revision of Engineering Mathematics : LINEAR ALGEBRA - Part 2 (in Hindi)
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Simran Kapoor
* STAR EDUCATOR * I B.Tech l Civil Engineer l Teaching is my Passion l ex Content writer of Grade up l learn and Enjoy✌| BELIEVE👍 IN YOURSEL

Unacademy user
Hello Vani...a very well defined video again from your side. Apart from this, it's really great to see you have a well defined vocabulary and you are very well spoken. How did you develop this way of representation? Did you undergo any training or is it by your instinct? Thanks again, for such an informative video. :) :)

  2. HELLO! 255.7k 4.8 views 40 Simran Kapoor " I am Simran Kapoor #1 Educator in GATE (Civil) *STAR EDUCATOR IB.Tech I Civil Engineer l Teaching is my Passion I ex Content writer of Grade up I learn and EnjoyI BELIEVE IN YOURSEL 7.2k 23 62 Followers Following Courses Civil Engineer -J.N.G.E.C Sundernagar H.P VERIFIED EDUCATOR ON UNACADEMY Educator since May, 2018 Ex Content Writer of "Gradeup" . All courses (62) HINDI CRASH COURSE (Hindi) Last Minute Revision RCO Structures: GATE(Civil) 02:47:46 48 2k views1 day ago Simran Kapoor . 88 HINDI CRASH COURSE (Hindi) Last Minute Revision- Transportation Engineering: GATE - 05.26:35 4.9- 4.9k views 10 days ago 2

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