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Results Time - Answer of the Quiz session.(Quiz 32)
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Sir Any bill Pending in assembly on its dissolution will lapse. But if a bill is pending in COUNCIL and not passed by ASSEMBLY doesnt lapses. Please once check the Q sir.
Satish s
10 months ago
bro, even i had a doubt on this question
Mochan Solanki
10 months ago
Yes Satish, I think either the question is misprinted or the answer is B. Something is wrong somewhere.

  2. Welcome!! LET'S TEST YOUR POLITY!!! Self evaluate Compete with YOURSELF R. AGRAWAL

  3. SCORE-BOARD 02 Very low chances of selection and start preparing. 04 Need to work hard. 06 Can do better, need to focus more. 08 Good, almost there 10 Awesome, awesome, awesome, high chances of selection. R. AGRAWAL

  4. 1st 3 TOP SCORERS 2nd Name of 3 top scorers will be shown in the video and they can connect with me personally by messaging me on inbox (ask your doubts) 3rd Iwill reply ASAP R. AGRAWAL

  5. ANSWERS OF 22-1-19 2 A 3-A 5 B R. AGRAWAL

  6. RESULT OF 22-1-19 3 TOP SCORERS Adarsh Raj Abhishek Gupta Subhankar Sarkar R. AGRAWAL

  7. Q1- Consider the following statements about Government of India Act, 1858: 1. It ended the system of dual government. 2. Created the office of secretary of state for India. 3. Governor general of India re-designated as the Viceroy of India. 4. This act gave viceroy the powers to issue ordinances during emergency Select the correct answer using the code given below: A. 1, 2 and 3 only B. 1, 2 and 4 only C. 2, 3 and 4 only D. All of the above R. AGRAWAL

  8. SOLUTION-a) : O The Power of issuing the ordinance during emergency was granted in 1861 Act. O Abolished the Board of control and court of directors, hence abolished The Dual Government. R. AGRAWAL

  9. Q2) Consider the following statements with respect to lapsing of bills on dissolution of state legislative assembly: I. A bill passed by the assembly but pending in council doesn't lapse Il. A bill pending in the assembly but not passed by assembly lapses. Which of the above statements is/are correct? a) I only b) Il only c) Both I & II d) Neither I nor lI

  10. SOLUTION-d) Neither I nor I U A bill passed by the assembly but pending in council lapses. D A bill pending in the assembly but not passed by assembly doesn't lapses. R. AGRAWAL

  11. SOLUTION-d) None of the above Total no. of ministers in the council of ministers shall not exceed 15% of total strength of the Lok Sabha. O The council of ministers shall be collectively responsible to the Lok Sabha. O On dissolution of the Lok Sabha, the councils of ministers doesn't cease to hold office. R. AGRAWAL

  12. SOLUTION-d) Neither I nor II Taking oath as deputy PM is constitutional. O 7 deputy PM so far. (1st?) R. AGRAWAL

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