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16th January 2019 - 3PM Polity Quiz of the Day (Quiz 25) (in Hindi)
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Let's Continue the Quiz of the Day

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Rahul Agrawal
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92 mark.6 not attended. 2 wrong. thank u mam.Thanks a lot for u r great efforts.
sir history mcqs kb aa rhe h
Mochan Solanki
a year ago
But Proxy Voting is allowed only for armed personnel not for all.Thats not clear in the question: If that point taken care then ans would be: D C C A B
Rahul Agrawal
a year ago
But isn't that system allowed in India ??
Mochan Solanki
a year ago
Got u sir..
1. d 2. c 3. c 4. b 5. b

  2. Welcome!! LET'S TEST YOUR POLITY!!! Self evaluate Compete with YOURSELF R. AGRAWAL

  3. 1st 3 TOP SCORERS 2nd Name of 3 top scorers will be shown in the video and they can connect with me personally by messaging me on inbox (ask your doubts) 3rd l will reply ASAP R. AGRAWAL

  4. ANSWERS OF 15-1-19 1- B 3-C 5-A R. AGRAWAL

  5. RESULT OF 15-1-19 3 TOP SCORERS Vishal Dayma Sidharth rai Aman aryan R. AGRAWAL

  6. Q1 - In India, which of the following modes of voting take place 1. Direct voting by being present in person 2. Voting through Postal Ballot 3. Voting through a proxy Select the correct answer using the codes given below: a) 1& 2 only b) 1&3 only c) 2 & 3 only d) 1, 2, & 3 R. AGRAWAL

  7. Q2. Consider the following statements about private members: 1. MPs who are not ministers are called private members. 2. Private members can introduce a constitutional amendment bill Which one of the above statements is/are correct? a) 1 only b) 2 only c) Both 1 & 2 d) Neither 1 nor 2 R. AGRAWAL

  8. Q3) Rajya Sabha is inferior to Lok Sabha in many aspects and thus has unequal status with respect to it in many These include: 1. Approval of Ordinances 2. Approval of National emergency 3. Voting on demand for grants Select the correct answer using the codes given below: a) 1& 3 only b) 1& 2 only c) 3 only d) 2& 3 only R. AGRAWAL

  9. Q4) Indian Constitution is a combination of federal and non - feder al features. Point out the non - federal features from these. 1. All India Services 2. Flexibility of the Constitution 3. Supremacy of the Constution 4. Bicameralism Select the correct answer using the codes given below: a) 1& 2 only b) 1& 3 only c) 2 & 3 only d) 1& 4 only R. AGRAWAL

  10. Q5. Consider the following statements regarding merger of political parties: I. A merger takes place when all the members of the party Il. If a member goes our of his party as a result of merger has agreed to such merger. than that member will not be disqualified on the ground of defection the correct answer: a) only b) only c) Both l and ll d) Neither I nor lI R. AGRAWAL