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25th January 2019 - 3PM Polity Quiz of the Day (Quiz 34) (in Hindi)
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Let's start this Quiz for the day.

Rahul Agrawal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Rahul Agrawal
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Unacademy user
Thank Artee For systematic planning .
Aartee Mishra
2 years ago
Thanks Md Ali
Bhargav Patel
2 years ago
mam plzz cotinue this series
sir u are counting the name of top scorers in increasing order but those who have answered first their name should come first.
Rahul Agrawal
a year ago
Don't worry it's selected by the team. Keep performing well you will surely be there. Keep learning
Mochan Solanki
a year ago
Thank u sir for addressing this.Enjoying all ur course. Sir if you can cover one topic or a course in which all social,political,cultural and religious organizations in the freedom movement. This is a very hard nut to crack.UPSC is troubling us here and nowhere it is provided holistically.
Answers : - 1.C __ 2.A __ 3.B__ 4.B__ 5.B

  2. ANSWERS OF 24-1-19 1- B 5 B R. AGRAWAL

  3. RESULT OF 21-1-19 3 TOP SCORERS Subhankar sarkar Abhinav kumar Kundan kumar R. AGRAWAL

  4. Q1- Consider the following statements about Indian Councils Act, 1909: 1. It is also known as Montague-Chelmsford reforms 2. It allowed the majority of non-official members in provincial legislative councils 3. This act allowed the entry of Indians into Viceroy's executive council 4. Non-official members had given the right to ask the question on budget but they were not entitled to ask supplementary questions. Select the correct answer using the code given below: A. 1, 2 and 3 only B. 2, 3 and 4 only C. 2 and 3 only D. All of the above R. AGRAWAL

  5. Q2) Consider the following statements regarding the "salaries and allowances of the speaker of Lok Sabha and the chairman of Rajya I. They are determined by the Parliament. II. They are subject to the annual vote of parliament. IlI. They are charged on the consolidated fund of India Sabha Choose the correct answer using the given codes? a) I & IIl only b) only c) I & Il only d) & Ill only

  6. Q3) Given below are some facts: I. The phrase 'Judicial Review' has no where been used in the constitution Il. Office of Governor of a state is under the control of or sub-ordinate to the Central Government. II. Same person can't be appointed as Governor for two or more states. Select the correct answer using the code given below: a) Il & Ill only b) I only c) Both l & Il d) Both Il & III R. AGRAWAL

  7. Q.4) When the offices of both speaker and deputy speaker falls vacant then a) The members of lok sabha immediately elect a speaker. b) The president appoints any member of lok sabha as speaker. c) The senior most willing member of lok sabha becomes the speaker. a) None of the above R. AGRAWAL

  8. Q5)- Consider the following statements regarding "independence & impartiality" of the speaker of the Lok Sabha A. Speaker can only be removed by Lok Sabha by a special majority, thus speaker is provided a security of tenure. B. Work & Conduct of speaker cannot be discussed and criticized on the Lok Sabha except on a substantive motion. R. AGRAWAL

  9. Keep learning! Go and watch Thank you!!! Rest of the courses for today: 500 MCQ's on modern history! Understanding entire polity through 1000 MCQs Learning M.Laxmikanth through 50 Polity Facts! R. AGRAWAL