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Report Writing,Types ( in Hindi)
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Meaning,Types of Report Writing in business( in Hindi)

Prabhjeet kaur second topper of institute since 5 years and have an 2 years tuition experience I want to become a professor, bank manager.

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  1. Report Writing

  2. Meaning of report Report as the name suggests is to provide information about particular needs of organisation for a particular purpose.Report about the after detailed investigation, research, inquiry.

  3. Categories of report On the basis of legal formalities. 1. Statutory report: which are compulsury prepared and presented according to law 2. Non statutory report: These reports are not required to be submitted under law. e On the basis of frequency: 1. Routine report: the structured reports and submitted at regular internals.submission of report monthly,quartely, half yearly,yearly.

  4. 2. Special reports: Are reports concerning with special purpose and not prepared on routine basis e On the basis of formalities: 1. Formal reports: this report according to the rules,statuse,procedures.formal report is legal report also. 2. Informal reports: it does not abide any formal procedures, rules, . On the basis of writers: 1. Individual report: those report which are written and submitted by only one and single person.

  5. . 2.Group report: Those report are prepared abd presented by more than one person or prepared by group, committes etc. e On the basis of functions: 1. Informational report: The purpose of which is to just provide information and summary of facts to the required party. 2. Analytical reports: Provide information after through ysis and gives interpretation on the analysed da anal

  6. e Others: 1. Long reports and short reports. 2. Progressive report. 3. Examination reports. 4. Statistical reports. 5. Press reports.