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Procedure for Writing a Business Reports( in Hindi)
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Procedure For Writing a Business Report( in Hindi)

Prabhjeet kaur second topper of institute since 5 years and have an 2 years tuition experience I want to become a professor, bank manager.

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पठन पाठन का तरीका अच्छा है। शब्दों चयन अच्छा है।
  1. Steps for Writing a Business Report

  2. Step 1 e Pre-writing stage: Before writing the final report, everyone needs to think,plan,prepare,collect material and then go on. 1. Knowing aim of writing. 2. Collecting information. 3. Analyze and evaluate the data which is collected. 4. Interested parties read report top management,middle and lower level management.

  3. Writing stage: After report writer next step is to organize the information collected in the logical way. 1. Organising information collected. 2. Logical order. 3. Including only relevent data. 4. Writing a long report and short report contains. Subject of report. Data collected.

  4. Methodology of study. . Findings. e Suggestions. e Conclusions of report. 3. Re- writing report: The final and third stage of the process report writing is the re writing stage.Re- writing means to review,revise, etc The writer keep in mind the 7 Cs essential of communication.