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Barriers of Effective Communication (in Hindi)
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Barriers of communication( in hindi)

Prabhjeet kaur second topper of institute since 5 years and have an 2 years tuition experience I want to become a professor, bank manager.

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truly helpful ...... amazing explanation.thnx
  1. Barriers to Effective communication

  2. Meaning of barrier Barriers means reasion when Receiver is not understanding things in the same sense as the sender. barriers make the communication ineffective and incomplete.

  3. Main categories of barriers 1. Semantic barriers: Use of different words, different language,poor vocabulary. Language barriers Lack of common language Poor grammer and vocabulary Phsical barriers: these barriers occur when flow of communication 2. noise,time,age distance.

  4. 3. Psychological barriers: Inferene Status barrier Closed mindedness Emotions 4. Organisation barrier: individual experience Abstracting Filtering the message.