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Related MCQs Asked in Pre-medical Examination About Kingdom Protista (in Hindi)
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MCQs asked in pre-medical examination about Kingdom protista

Khushboo Gupta
Clearing concepts and doubts is what I do!!!📍 Enjoy learning!!!🎀 ❌Impossible ➡️work hard with smartness➡️possible✔️ 3rd year Medical student

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Plzz make whole series on permutation combination and probability
  1. MCQs of Kingdom protista By Khushboo Gupta

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  4. Q-1 Paramecium feeds through? A Undulating membrane B general body surface C oral groove D cytopyge

  5. Q 2, red oceanic tides can be due to? A Diatoms B red algae C Dinoflagellate D BGA

  6. The cilia in paramecium are ? All equal All unequal Longer at posterior end Longer at anterior end

  7. Living amoeba? Pale blue Transparent Translucent Light green

  8. Discovery of amoeba? Jenner Rosenhof Hopkins Twait

  9. Thank you so much!!!!