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Reasoning Previous Year ASO Questions - Part 3 (in Odia)
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Reasoning Previous Year ASO Questions - Part 3

Purusottam Mishra
Pioneer of ODISHA JOB ACADEMY -YouTube Channel.Verified Educator in UNACADEMY. Cracked SUPREME COURT JAO , BANK PO , NDA , TCS , Other MNCs

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16.6/20 ✓17 x1 ( 18th question ) not Attempted 2 ( 14th, 16th )
  1. 20. If D is a member of the team 22. Element: Argon:: Compound:? (A) Copper (B) Water (C) Hydrogen (D) Neon and the team consists of 4 Ministers, then the other members of the team .are (A) ABCM- (B) ACEN (C) ACEM (D) None of the above 23. Resistance: Ohm Potential:? (A) Ampere (B) Joule (C) Volts (D) Watts Direction (Q. Nos. 21 to 25): There is a certain relationship between the tw words on the left hand side of the sign:: which of the given altematives is related to the third word in the same way as the second word is related to the first word? 21. Potato Stem: :Turnip:? 24. Hostel: Warden: Museum:? (A) Archaeologist (B) Conductor (C) Curator (D) Servant 25. Cat: Kitten Lion? (A) Flower (B) Vegetable (C) Root (D) None of the above (A) Cub (B) Calf (C) Pony (D) Lamb VL-4A/12 Contd

  2. 26. In a correctly worked out multi Direction (Q. Nos. 28 to 30): Refer to the figure below and answer the questions plication problem below, each letter represents a different digit. What s the value of X? that follon X 2Y 212Y How many triangles are there in the given figure? (A) 12 (B) 16 (C) 20 (D) 32 28. (A) 3 (B) 4 (C) 5 (D) 6 27. n a certain language, if 29. How many squares are there in the BHUBANESWAR is coded as CIVCBOFTXBS, how is CUTTACK coded ? (A) DWXXBDI (B) DUUVBDL (C) DVUUBDL (D) BVUUBDL given figure? (A) 6 (B) 8 (C) 10 (D) 12 30. Determine the number of straight lines in the figure: ,(A) 10 VL-4A/12 (Turn over)

  3. (B) 12 (C) 14 (D) 16 Problem figures Direction (Q. Nos. 31 to 34): In each of the questions given below which one of the four answer figures should come after the problem figures, if th sequence were continued ? Answer figures 1 Problem figures 34. Problem figures Answer figures Answer figures [dslel (A) (B) (C) Direction (Q. Nos. 35 to 38): Choose the correct mirror image of the problem figure when the mirror is placed in R-S position. 35. Problem figure . Problem figures 32. Answer figures Mirror images VL- 4A/12 Contd

  4. 39. The total number of dots on opposite faces of a die is always 7. Find the correct figure from the given 36. Problem figure , alternatives. Mirror images (A) 37. Problem figure MOUTH Mirror images (D) IS WOUTH WONTH HTUOW HTUOM 40 Two positions of a die with 1 to 6 dots on its faces are shown below. How many dots are there on the face opposite the face having 2 dots? 38. Problem figure FAIL R-S Mirror images (A) 1 (B) 3 VL-4A/12 (Turn over)

  5. 21. Tusnip Root 23 oben : Vots 2 MuseuM CuRator aS. Cat xiHen .. Lion . Cub (C) L 29. C) 32. HT UOM CUITACk OHUBANESWAR 611- 232O tone 552 , 2