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Questions on Bayes Theorem and Total Probability Theorem
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This lesson takes up questions on bayes theorem and total probability theorem

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Vineet Loomba
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Kapil Kathpal
a year ago
right :)
ray diagram method is so amazing. thank you.
sir iss kay further videos dalo
sir ...can percentage of bolts made be taken as probability of bolts made by that machine ??
Given that the two numbers appearing on throwing two dice are different. Find the probability of the event, "the sum of the numbers on the dice is 4.
Sanjeet Patro
7 months ago
this is a conditional probability question( ans is 1/15)
Keshav Verma
6 months ago
E={(1,3), (3,1)} n(S)= 6P2 =30 P(E)=n(E)/n(S) =2/30=1/15
Naren Patil
5 months ago
But the sample space is 36 .. right ??
Naren Patil
5 months ago
Why is n(s) 6p2 and not 36
Naren Patil
5 months ago
Okaaay i got it
Your ray diagram method is really nice.... so easy to solve these questions really...Thank you so much sir,superb!!
Vineet Loomba
9 months ago
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