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Questions : #9(JEE-2017) & #10(JEE-1997) (In Hindi)
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In this lesson solve questions #9 & #10 from MODERN PHYSICS for IIT JEE MAINS and ADVANCE

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Kumar Ketan
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2)We are living in a strategic world where economy plays more role as well as more control on world countries. Added to this we also have been unfortunately gifted with a naughty neighbor next to us, though their activies create lot of problems across border as well as inside the country, we are not able to take any cut through action as a result of our globalized world. The dispairs of a war as well as the nuclear capability of both countries are added misfortunes. In this scenario, an angry resolution like “ELIMINATING PAKISTAN FROM WORLD MAP” as uttered by some group of people will lead only to mass scale destruction on both sides and will affect only the innocent people. So the only solution to this issue is to play it off economically. Indian government is currently trying to strategically isolate Pakistan citing terrorism as well as economic isolation. Both these strategies are not working well owing to 2 reasons: 1) Pakistan’s startegic location and the olny connection to sea for some land locked countries like Afghanistan, Tajikistan etc., 2) It do have some trusted friends like China and Russia, sometimes US, who plays a major role in UNSC The only option left with India is to deal strategically with Pakistan as well as a move forward on our diplomatic side to achieve our goals which has much higher success rate than only strategical and economical isolation. As sister countries, peace is the ultimate goal and not the suffering.
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