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Questions : #45, #46 & #47 (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, questions #45, #46 & #47 are solved. Watch all the questions and keep practicing

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sir question 47 mein jo concept use ho raha hai wo mujhe nhi pata can you plz help me in this matter from how can I get this concept
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  3. #Q.45 Light of wavelength 330 nm falling on a piece of metal eject electron with sufficient energy with required voltage V, to prevent them from reaching a collector. In the same set up, light of wavelength 220 nm ejects electron which require twice the voltage Vo to stop them reaching a collector. The numerical value of voltage Vois 16 15 15 15 16 b) d) 15

  4. Soln. hc hc 12 Subtracting Eq.(i) from Eq.(ii) Similarly, e(2%) (6.63x 10 )(3x10d10 1.6x10-19x330x220 10% >1.8 volt

  5. #Q.46 Maximum kinetic energy of photoelectron is E when the wavelength of incident light is 1. If energy becomes four times when wavelength is reduced to one-third, thern work-function of the metal is a) 3hc b) hc 3 hc d) 2- hc

  6. hc Soln Solving these equations, we get hc 31

  7. #Q.47 If the frequency of K X-ray emitted from the element with atomic number 31 is f, then the frequency of K X- ray emitted from the element with atomic number 51 would be b) 51f 31 a) 25f c) d) 25

  8. Soln. (2-1) for K-series Z2-1 51-1 31-1 25

  9. #Q.48 According to Moseley's law, the ratio of the slop of graph between /f and Z for Ks and Ka is 27 b) 32 32 a) 27 36 d) 5 36

  10. 2 1 2 slope oc 2 2 9 32 slope, slope2 2 2

  11. Soln.1 2 In 4 9 36 36 5R

  12. Soln. Energy of electron 10000eV 1500.122 (in A) 110000 , in A)-103030-12 10000