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Questions : #48, #49 & #50 (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, questions #48, #49 & #50 are solved. Watch all the questions and keep practicing

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Kumar Ketan
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Thank you mam, you are doing a great job. While watching your videos I came to know many grammatical mistakes that I was doing before but now I'm able to make good sentences.
Thanks and welcome. Hope you do well in future.
Sir part 2 jalid chaiye khali 20 days bache hai jee mains ko! plz make fast specially in nuclear physics
thanku sir...completed this course...
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  3. #Q.48 According to Moseley's law, the ratio of the slop of graph between /f and Z for Ks and Ka is 27 b) 32 32 a) 27 36 d) 5 36

  4. 2 1 2 slope oc 2 2 9 32 slope, slope2 2 2

  5. #Q.49 If the electron in hydrogen orbit jumps from third orbit to second orbit, the wavelength of the emitted radiation is given by b) A- 6 36 5R 5R 36 c) d)

  6. Soln.1 2 In 4 9 36 36 5R

  7. #Q.50 A potential of 10000 V is applied across an X-ray tube. Find the ratio of de-Broglie wavelength associated with incident electrons to the minimum wavelength associated with X- rays.(Given, e/m 1.8x10 C/kg for electrons) a) 10 b) 20 c) 1/10 d) 1/20

  8. Soln. Energy of electron 10000eV 1500.122 (in A) 110000 , in A)-103030-12 10000