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Questions 64 to 75 (in Kannada)
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Questions of psi paper discussed

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Deepak N Chauhan
Studies and Superbikes are my Passion 🤞🏻

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hello sir, pls make more videos on physical chapters ,pls bcz we are jee aspirants and we are doing non schooling, pls help us.
Arpit Porwal
a year ago
please watch it on my channel, I have uploaded complete playlist on it YouTube channel : APpedia
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  3. Question Number 64 to 75 13 JANUARY 2019

  4. rge,otopejcb w63 a 3otoabest which of the following best describes Bt Cotton ? 04. son 64, (a) Requires large amounts of insecticides to be used (b) It is banned in India since 2002 (c) It is genetically modified to produce an insecticide (d) .owr39rteab eredoasen,do aceoses (d) Genetic modification is done using strains of a virus "Gout" is the disease caused by deposition of (a) Lactic Acid (b) Oxalic Acid (c) Acetic Acid (d) Uric Acid 65. in the joints. 66. eror aapc 66. Which Indian got a Nobel Prize for Economics? (a) D. Subbarao (b) C. V. Raman (c) Raghu Ram Rajan (d) Amartya Sen (a) a. Roupa

  5. 67. odswo67. Which of the following organizations is (a) IBA (b) SEBI (c) RBI (d) NSDL known as Capital Market Regulator in India ? (a) IBA (b) SEBI (c) RBI (d) NSDL 68. aunas dG-20e? 68. Which country is not a member of the G-20 Group? (a) India (b) Indonesia (c) Thailand (d) Saudi Arabia (c) -15-

  6. 69. ASEAN (a) 12 (b) 10 Total number of members in ASEAN are (a) 12 (b) 10 ? 69. (d) 15 (d) 15 trastonve, otro b tspFmyp edFY | which of the following would not Constitute an economic activity in Economics? (a) A teacher teaching students in his 70, college (b) A teacher teaching students in a coaching institute (c) A teacher teaching his own daughter at home (d) A teacher teaching students under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Scheme 71. Deficiency of "Vitamin D" leads to lack of absorption of (a) lodine (b) Phosphorus (c) Calcium (d) Iron (a) eadora (d) etomob (Iron)

  7. A person travelled a distance of 50 Km in 8 Hrs, he covered a part of a distance on foot at 4 Km/hr. and part on bicycle at 10 Km/hr. How much distance did he travel on foot ? 72. (a) 10 8.a0. (b) 20 t.a (c) 30 d.avs (d) 40 t.a0e (a) 10 Km (b) 20 Km (c) 30 Km (d) 40 Km -16-

  8. 73. ddtrooc de T,desoYobab nect:00 73. In a meeting a map ofa village was placed in such manner that South-East becomes North and North-East becomes West. What will South become? (a) (c) o wdabzbe Vaba,ode deonganocor d | (a) North (b) North-East (c) North-West (d) West If Kiran, while selling two goats at the same price makes a profit of 10% on one goat and suffers a loss of 10% on the other 74. 74. (a) He makes no profit and no loss (b) He makes a profit of 1% (c) He suffers a loss of 196 (d) He suffers a loss of 2% 75. os odane. edto desun 75. Ramya is prettier than Rashmi but not as pretty as Rekha, then (a) Rashmi is not as pretty as Ramya (b) Rashmi is prettier than Rekha (c) Rekha is not as pretty as Ramya (d) Ramya is prettier than Rekha

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