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Question 30 to 42 (in Kannada)
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Analysis of questions 30 to 42

Deepak N Chauhan
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  3. Question Number 30 to 42 13 January 2019

  4. 30 oxoiod saoat oar soontott 30. A device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy is called (a) Battery (b) Motor (c) Generator (d) Moving coil meter Tejinder Pal Singh won India's First Gold Medal in Athletics at the 2018 Jakartha Asian Games in (a) Javelin throw (b) 400 mts run (c) Long jump (d) Shot-put 31. (b) 400 ve. 3 bab ennas | co taso eab "Re-Unite" is a Mobile app launched by Union Ministry of Commerce and Indust which helps in (a) Hassle free payments during on-line o 32, (b) A common platform to conduct on-lin (c) Trace missing and abandoned (d) Identify un-identified dead bodies shopping business children

  5. 33. Which of the following is not a meda recently instituted by the Ministry of Hom affairs for Police Personnel? (a) Home Ministers Special Operatio Medal (b) Antharik Suraksha Medal (c) Vishisht Seva Medal (d) Uthkrisht Seva Medal The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has recently banned the manufacture and sale of drug for its rampant misuse in the dairy sector. (a) Cephalosporin (b) Oxytocin (c) Oxytetracycline (d) Furazolidone 34. (a) doxio

  6. Paper - 2018 Which of the following is true in respect of Pinaka-ll? (a) It is a multi barrel gun developed by 35. (b) It is a fully automatic machine gun (c) It is a guided version of a multi barrel (d) It is an indigenously developed battle the DRDO developed for Indian Army rocket launcher tank in collaboration with Russia 36. od s abor abeard dor 36. Which instrument is used in a submarine to see objects above sea level ? (a) Periscope (b) Polygraph (c) Photometer (d) Pyrometer

  7. 37. rt de oo enosodderedarj cind | 37, Acceleration due to gravity(g) is independent of (a) Mass of the body (b) Size (c) Shape (d) All of the above (b) m3 (c) erd Due to rusting the weight of iron (a) Decreases (b) Increases (c) Remains the same (d) Uncertain 38. (a) sabrd (c) ntev What is laughing gas? (a) Carbon dioxide (b) Sulphur dioxide (c) Nitrogen dioxide (d) Nitrous oxide 39. .9

  8. ?| 40. From which mineral is radium obtained? (a) Limestone (b) Hematite (c) Pitchblende (d) Rutile (d) dougor 41. The Criminal Law (Amendment Bill 2018 was passed by the Lok Sabha whic provides for (a) Death Penalty for all gang rape convicts (b) Death Penalty for those convicted o raping girls below 12 yrs (c) Death Penalty for those convicted o raping girls below 18 yrs (d) None of the above V-46-6 and V-92-S2 are equipment manufactured under make in India for the Indian Army (a) Fully automatic machine guns (b) High powered multi fuel engines (c) New version of guided surface to 42. surface missiles (d) Light weight bullet proof jackets

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