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Question 43 to 52 (in Kannada)
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Questions 43 to 52 is analysed

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  2. unacademy Home ExplorePlus Search Courses, Topies & Educators Login Signup Deepak N Chauhan Verified Educator on Unacademy. Trying to Contribute in Making Civil Service preparation in Kanmada Simple for Kannadigas D20,168 Views in last 30 days 81,336 Lifetime Views 30 Courses Followers Fowing Translation Environment and Ecology (PSI I ESI I KPSC Exams) KPSC Excise Sub Inspector December 2018 Crash Course By Deepak N Chauhan By Deepak N Chauhan By Deepak N Chauhan G (Kannada) Translation for PSI and ES Exams (Kannada) Environment and Ecology: UPSC CSE (Kannada) Excise Recruitment Karnataka 4 Lessons 6 Lessons 1d Lessors ratingsrv ratings * 3 reviews 29 rangs - reviews Demand Driven Essay I Editorials MCQs Karnataka December 2018 December 2018 Kan ada Kan ada By Deepak N Chauhan By Deepak N Chauhan By Deepak N Chauhan

  3. International Tiger Day to raise awareness on Tiger Conservation is observed on 43. : des toe esor 3de oas eo eo tra eco 43. (a) 21st June (b) 29h July (c) 1st March (d) 1st December (b) to 29 a dn sodo sordeto44. India developed the first ever environmen friendly bio fuel powered flight that recent flew from Dehradun to Delhi. The bio fue used was a blend of oil from (a) Jathropa seeds (b) Mustard seeds (c) Rapeseed (d) Palm oil -10-

  4. The distinguished missile scientist who was recently appointed scientific advisor to Raksha Mantri is (a) Sri K. Bharath Reddy (b) Sri S. Christopher (c) Sri G. Sathish Reddy (d) Sri V. K. Saraswat 45. d od Oeerted, omot RJ& abo In which one of the following situations a chemical reaction does not occur? (a) Common salt is exposed to air (b) Coal is burnt in air (c) Sodium is placed in water (d) Iron is kept in moist air d 46.

  5. drs (47-49):edsntodadosoad Directions (47-49): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions: D cocb A wombo 14 Point D is 14 m towards the West of Point A. Point B todo D todo erado, 40e eddod. | B is 4 m towards the South of point D. Point F is D 20cdad eracid 9 aese, deddod | 9 m towards the South of Point D. Point E is 7 m towards the East of point B. Point C is 4 m towards od. I the North of point E. Point G is 4 m towards the pa FE 7 ape630r co ddo 4 sveso da South of point A. 14nm 0 Which of the following points are in a straight line? (a) D, E, A (b) E, G, C (c) D, B, CG (d) E, G, B 47. (a) D, E, A (b) E, G, C (c) D, B, G (d) E, G, B In which direction is A with respect to C? (a) East (b) West (c) North (d) South 48. (a) pus (c) enge (d) r

  6. point F and then takes a righNorth from 49. Ft odo et n en 5aeo 49. dost to a oba ent req, zse, wof 3cbrb (a) G (b) D of the following points would he reach first ? a) G (b) D ) E (d) A (d) A 0

  7. 50, e igo te 50. Tank full petrol in Geetha's soerlasts days. If she starts using 25% more day, how many days will be tank full (a) 5 (b) 6 (c) 7 (d) 8 lasts ? (a) 5 (b) 6 (c) 7 (d) 8 o51. The Constitution of India empowers the LeswSupreme Court of India to adjudicate disputes between Centre and the States through (a) Appellate jurisdiction (b) Original jurisdiction (c) Advisory jurisdiction (d) Writ jurisdiction 52. Department of Border management is a department under which of the following Union Ministries? (a) Ministry of Defence (b) Ministry of Home affairs (c) Ministry of External affairs (d) Ministry of Commerce

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  9. Question number 43 to 52 13 JANUARY 2019