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Properties of Moist Air - Questions (in Hindi)
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Basic theoritical questions asked in examination based on properties of air.

Gaurav Joshi
Mechanical Engineer. Secured AIR 5 in ESE & AIR 47 in GATE. Also cleared BARC,ONGC,ISRO. Worked for BARC, HITACHI.Guitar player & Vocalist

Unacademy user
I didn't understand how we got 85 or 86 at the end. Till 13.5 I understood then how??
Sir only one word for you , You are just amazing
Questions were great.
from the logic of question no. 2, why dew point temperature can not be the answer in question no. 1 ?
Sky Rise
5 months ago
Sir in Dew Point Temperature we decrease the temperature of air keeping the pressure same so this results air to reach the saturation pont i.e air is condensing the excess amount of water vapour that is present in it. Making itself more cool i.e air is getting cooler itself. Here in cooling tower we have to cool the water not air. So here we use wet bulb tempreature of air. Wet Bulb tempreature is the amount of water vapour that the air can take from water(evaporation) making the water cooler. Hope you get the answer.
Yes probably more than the answer, thanks :)