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Practise Set - 84 (in Hindi)
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Important Questions

Nitish Kumar is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Nitish Kumar
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Please explain conduit word in elaborate manner ... unable to understand clearly....otherwise thanks for your effort Abhimanyu sir
Abhimanyu Raj
3 years ago
Yeah, sure. Conduit basically refers to a passage but it is especially used when a passage is tubeular that is, tube like. I'll give you an example for each. First, 'The conduit Ramesh followed, led him to his doom'. That means, the path that Ramesh followed ended up destroying him. Here we are talking about conduit or path as Ramesh's decision. So the decision he followed destroyed him. Another one is, 'Blood vessels in our body act as a conduit for blood flow' that means they act as tubular or pipe-like structures in which blood flows. They act as a passage for blood. So, these are the two ways you can use the word. I hope this helps. (: