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Practise Set - 83 (in Hindi)
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Important Questions

Nitish Kumar
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[PART 1] Ans 1: Surrogacy is when a woman carries a baby for another couple and gives up the baby at birth.Why Women's body is becoming a democracy: 1.International tourist's demand is very high as Surrogacy is cheap and no strict laws in India presently 2.Initially, women agree for surrogacy due to financial crisis but then people exploit them because of high demand and greed. Recently, I watched a movie in which Amitabh said that 'No means No,when a woman says No it is not a word , it is a complete sentence',same thing should apply in this case. It's the right time to stand and show dictatorship because if women are not physically and mentally fit to be a surrogate mother then Life becomes hell for them as there are so many health problem arises and in some cases it leads to death.Also, they have human rights like any other human being ,shouldn't be used as commercial asset if they can give birth.
Parshve Saxena
3 years ago
[PART 2]Ans 1: Government passed one bill in which 1.Eligible couples will have to turn to close relatives, not necessarily related by blood for altruistic surrogacy — where no money exchanges hands between the commissioning couple and the surrogate mother 2.the new Bill mandates that women acting as surrogates can do so only once 3.The new Bill proposes complete ban on commercial surrogacy 4.The Bill aims to prevent exploitation of women, especially those in rural and tribal areas. But Is it realistic in India!!!, we should think that how many years it will take to implement these laws?.Also, who want to be a surrogate mother for their living because of poverty! so this bill will help to some extent but there should be some laws for Women rights in surrogacy where women can take decision on its own in the light of Medical prescription and law.