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Practise Set - 29 (in Hindi)
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Sequence and Series & Deteminant

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Nitish Kumar
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in this question ,in 1st part as maximum load w is coming 2.25 for p=5 kN & in 2nd part if load is 3 kN & P=4.5 kN then if We can be hold up or pulley will rotate.
it'll rotate because friction due to load P is less than the friction due to W(weight) , so inertia force will come into picture for weight (W) due to motion but you won't be able to find the value of "acceleration of weight" due to lack of data... so you have to assume the system to be at rest as it is mentioned in the Question....
Akhil Mittal
a year ago
understood my point?? any doubt remaining??
Akhil Mittal
a year ago
Akhil Mittal
a year ago
please upload TOM acceleration analysis
Sure I'll.. because everyone is saying about this topic...