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Practice paper 2 English 81-90 (in Hindi)
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Important questions on english pedagogy

Unacademy user
Plz don’t use the words “next we go” ..together it sounds “next week”...plz
Charu Modi
a year ago
Hi Ravi Kumar, I will take care of my pronunciation.
Thanks for ur reply...
sir mere Sare ans correct hen
Vivek Singh
a year ago
Vivek Singh
a year ago
84 d correct spelling is decide
  1. Directions (Q. Nos. 81-85): Select the word with correct spelling for fill in the blanks in the given sentences. 81. I shall never...those happy moments. (a) forget (c) farget (b) foreget (d) fareget 82. The story teller narrated the.......of Heer and Ranjha. (a) tail (c) tale (b) till (d) tile

  2. 81. (a) Forget must be used in blank because forget is the correct spelling. i.e. I shall never forget those happy moments. 82. (c) Tale should be used because its meaning is short story i.e. The story teller narrated the tale of Heer and Ranjha.

  3. 83. How much money has us? (a) aloted (c) alotted (b) alloted (d) allotted 84. It was difficult to between the two candidates. (a) dicide (c) decide (b) diside (d) decyde

  4. 83. (d) Allotted should be used because it is correctly spelt and its meaning is to give something, especiallya share of something available for a particular purpose. 84. (c) Decide should be used because it is correctly spelt.

  5. 85. Iam... to all the teachers for their help. (a) greatful (c) greetful (b) grateful (d) gratefull

  6. 85. (b) Grateful should be used because it is correctly spelt.

  7. Directions (Q. Nos. 86-90) : Select thie OS. appropriate word to fill in the given sentences. (a) never (c) always (b) often (d) sometimes 87. Now he... his father's business. (a) looks into (c) looks out (b) looks after (d) looks back

  8. 86. (c) Always should be used 87. (b) 'Look after is a phrasal verb which means- to take care of someone or something. Hence option (b)is correct. Correct sentence- Now he looks after his father's business.

  9. 88. We want the children to have the....... possible education. (a) best (c) very good She failed........ she did not read. (a) although (c) anyhow I like to walk around in (a) bear (c) brea (b) good (d) better 89. (b) because (d) while 90. foot. (b) beer (d) bare

  10. 88. (a) Best must be used here. 89. (b) Because is the correct answer. (d) Bare should be used here. i.e. I like to walk around in bare foot. 90.