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Practice paper 2 English 71-80 (in Hindi)
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Important questions on english

Unacademy user
Ma'am the information provided by you is enough for current affairs or should i follow some other sources also?
Arpita Sharma
a year ago
complement them with your own reading of newspaper :)
ma'am actually i have a question. like you gave information about LG 's CM verdict of Supreme Court, so it came in there are chances that it can come in 2019exam also ?or should I leave it?
Aditi Joshi Joshi
9 months ago
ma'am I'm planning for filling the form for upsc this year do i need to study the current affairs of 2018also?
sir good evening sir English prose poetry writer ke name ka vedio bnayiy plz plz sir
Vivek Singh
a year ago
good evening, video uploaded :)
  1. Directions (Q. Nos. 71-75) : Each of the sentences is divided into four parts marked (a). (b). (c) and (d). One of the four parts has an error in it Identifv it and mark the answer 71. Ravi forgot (a)/ how much (b)/ he pay (c)/for the watch. (d) His sister Beena (a)/ is the more intelligent (b) / student (c) / in her class (<d There were (a) / ample time (b) / to get (c) / to the airport. (d) Maya has (a) / not been going (b) / to school (c)/ since a week. (d) Shahjahan built (a)/ the Taj Mahal (b) / in memory of (c)/ her queen Mumtaj. (d) 72. 73. 74. 75.

  2. 71. (c) In place of pay, paid should be used because in part (a) past tense had been used hence sentence will be in past tense. 72. (b) Instead of more, most should be used. Because in superlative degree comparison is made between two or more people 73. (a) In place of were, was should be used because subiect is in singular form

  3. 74. (d) Since is used for 'point of time' while 'for' is used for 'period of time'. Hence in the present sentence a week is period of time. Hence there should be used for instead of since. Correct sentence- Maya has not been going tc school for a week. Hence option (d) is incorrect. 75. (d) In place of her, his must be used because subject is in masculine gender hence its pronoun also be ir masculine form.

  4. Directions (Q. Nos. 76-80) Read the following A long time ago there lived a king and queen who One day, when the queen was resting near a spring, passage and answer the questions. longed to have a child. a frog crept out of the water and said to her. "You shall have your wish. Within a year you shall have a littlee girl." What the frog said came true. The queen had a child who was so beautiful that the king gave a party in her honour. He wished to invite all the wise women in the land, for these wise women could grant fairy gifts to his child. There were thirteen of them, but only twelve were invited, as the king had only twelve golden plates.

  5. After the dinner was over, the wise women in turn rose from the table and named their fairy gifts to the little princess. The first gave to her goodness, the second, beauty; the third, riches and so on, upto the last. Before the twelfth wise women could speak, in walked the thirteenth. The woman was in great rage because she had not been invited. She cried in a loud voice, "When the princess is fifteen years old she shall prick her finger with a spindle and shall fall down dead."

  6. 76. The king and the queen wished for (a) a golden plate (c) a daughter How many wise women were there in the land? (a) Thirteen (c) One (b) a son (d) a child 77. (b) Twelve (d) None 78. The king did not invite the thirteenth wise woman because (a) he did not know about her (b) he had no more golden plates left (c) she could not grant fairy gifts (d) she could grant fairy gifts

  7. 76. (d) Ist Para's first line proves that-The king and the queen wished for a child. 77. (b) III Para's fourth line proves that- There were twelve wise women in the land 78. (b) III Para's fourth line proves that- The king did not invite the thirteenth wise woman because he had no more golden plates left.

  8. 79. The thirteenth wise woman was in rage because (a) the other wise women teased her (b) the king had not invited her (c) she did not like the other wise womern (d) she did not like the princess The thirteenth woman (a) blessed the princess (b) ignored the princes:s (c) cursed the princess (d) avoided the princess 80.

  9. 79. (b) The thirteenth wise woman was in rage because the king had not invited her. 80. (c) Last Para proves that- The thirteenth woman cursed the princes