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8 Practice paper 1 English 61-70 (in Hindi)
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Important questions for uptet examination

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  1. TUT-II Directions (Q. Nos. 61-65) : Select the appropriate word to fill in the given sentences 61. This ring is (a) from (c) of (b) with (d) by (a) broke off (c) broke down (b) broke into (d) broke away passing the examination.

  2. 61. (c) We usually say that something is made of a particular material. Hence option (c). Correct sentence-This ring is made of gold 62. (d) 'Break away' is a phrasal verb which means- to end a connection with something. Hence option (d) is correct. Correct sentence is The prisoner broke away from his guards. 63. (b) 'Every' is a determiner, we use it before a singular noun. If the man is a subject, its verb is also singular Every+singular (+ singular verb) Hence option (b) Correct sentence- Every student in the class is capable of passing the examination

  3. (a) all (c) many (b) every (d) some ' (a) gave up (c) gave away (b) gave in (d) gave back (a) herd (c) pride (b) band (d) swarm

  4. 64. (c) 'Give away' is a phrasal verb which means- to give something as a gift. Hence option (c) is correct. Correct sentence - He gave away most of his money to charity Herd means a group of herbivorely mammals of a single kind kept together or remain together as a group 65. (a) In the forest, I saw a herd of deer.

  5. Directions (Q. No. 66-70): Each of the sentences in questions is divided into four parts marked (a), (b), (c) and (d). One of the four parts has an error in it 66. He had made/(a) a list/(b) of all the things/(c) he 67. How much/(a) fingers/(b) do you have/(c) in 68. Ravi entered/(a) in the classroom/(b) without/(c) 69. It takes/(a) a lot of practise/(b) to play/(c) the 70. My older brother/(a) built/(b) this house/(c) last wants to buy./(d) your hands?/(d) seeking permission./(d) violin well./(d) year./(d)

  6. 66. (c) It should be 'wanted' in place of 'wants' following the rule of consistency of tense. 67. (a) Much' is used for uncountable noun while 'many' is used for countable noun. Here in this sentence fingers are countable. So use of many is correct. Correct sentence - How many fingers do you have in your hands.

  7. 68. (b) When 'enter' word is used for place, no preposition is followed by enter. Hence option (b) is correct. Correct sentence- Ravi entered the classroom without seeking permission. 69. (b) Part (b) of sentence contains error. It would be 'practice' in place of 'practise' 70. (a) 'Elder' is used only of persons and is now confined to member of the same family. Hence option (a) is correct. Correct sentence- My elder brother built this house last year