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9 Practice paper 1 English 71-80 (in Hindi)
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Important questions for uptet examination

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too good letcher, sir...thank you so much.
very helpful vedio sir thanku so much sir plz aur practice set upload kriye UPTET paper 1 English k liye ....
  1. Directions (Q. Nos. 71-75) : Identify the appropriate alternative from the given ones for fillin in the blanks in the given sentences. 71. W ............'two e have been waiting for the train hours. (a) since (c) by rom (d) for (a) in (c) with on (d) at Rashid. (a) between (c) into (b) among (d) with 74. This is the house.Hari bought. (a) who (c) whom (b) that (d) whose (a) did (c) done (b) been doing (d) does

  2. 71. (d) 'Since' is used for 'point of time' whether 'for is used for 'period of time'. Here in the present sentence 'two hour' is period of time so 'for' is correct. Correct sentence- We have been waiting for the train for two hours 72. (d) They arrived late at the airport. 73. (a) 'Between' is used for two persons. Among is used more than two persons. Hence option (a) is correct. Correct between Anwar and Rashid sentence - The money was divided 74. (b) This is the house that Hari bought 75. (c) He has done his home work. Done is a past participle of do.

  3. Directions (Q. Nos. 76-80) : Select the word with correct spelling for filling in the blanks in the given sentences. 76. The eldest prince was the. throne. (a) hire (c) hier (b) heir (d) hiar (a) breef (c) brif (b) breif (d) brief (a) difference (c) diferense (b) differense (d) diference (a) recipet (c) receipt (b) riciept (d) receept

  4. 'Heir' is a person legally entitled to the property or rank of another that person's death 76. (b) The eldest prince was the heir of the throne. Brief means short duration, not lasting for long Correct spelling is 'brief Correct spelling is 'difference 77. (d) 78. (a) i.e. There is no much difference in the results 79. (c) Correct spelling is 'receipt' which means the action of receiving something or the fact of its being received i.e. Give me a proper receipt for this payment. 80. (c) Correct spelling is quiet, which means absence of noise or bustle. i.e. Keep quiet don't make a noise.

  5. 80. Keep...don't (a) quite (c) quiet (b) queit (d) qwait