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Plateau of india
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Coastal area and Thar desert

Surender Singh
#M.Sc Geography # PG diploma in environment education .4years teaching experience#Geography NET qualified #2013 UPSC mains qualified .

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Mahesh Mishra
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  1. Hi this is Smart Educator Surender Singh Y courses have be 1) 2) insolation Atmosphere oaded olcanoes Earthquakes 4) Earth's layers & Rocks World geograpythrough map its locatiorn structure of i Solar system & planets 6) 7 India and 7) s) BY:SURENDRA STUDY SOLUTION

  2. The Central Highlands Lies to the north of the Narmada river between Aravali in North & Vindhya range in south Covers the major portion of the Malwa plateau (Madhya Pradesh) Further extension of it is Bundelkhand, Bhaghelkhand & Chhota Nagpur Plateau The Central Highlands Thar Desert hari Chota Nagpuir dhya of ras The Deccan Plateau Chambal & Betwa flows through it Kutc SatPu Deccan Plateau> Sundarban Region known as Bedland (Not fit for cultivation) An daman Cardamo BY: SURENDER SINGH

  3. INDIA Peninsular plateau region alwa plateau and plateau Bundekhand plateau Aasam platea Bha entral Highlands thgtanagpur plateau Deccan plateau Maharashtratplateau Arabian Telengana plateau sea Bay of Bengal karnataka plateau maidan malna surendra study solution Andaman and Nicobar Lakshadweep Indian Occan BY: SURENDER SINGHH 65

  4. Deccan Plateau Largest plateau in India; Lies to the south of the Narmada River; Shaped as inverted triangle. Surrounded by Satpura hills, Mahadeo hills, Maikala range, Amarkantak hills and Rajmahal hills in the north; Western Ghats in the west and the Eastern Ghats in the east The plateau is suitable for the cultivation of cotton; home to rich mineral resources & a source to generate hydroelectric power Maharashtra Plateau Karnataka Plateau O Telangana plateau BY: SURENDER SINGH 75

  5. Maharashtra Plateau INDIA (Peninsular plateau region) The Maharashtra Plateau lies in Maharashtra It forms the northern part of the alwa plateay Bundelkhand plateau and plateau Deccan Plateau Aa am plateau The entire area is covered by black entral Highlands cotton soil known as regur. Deccan plateau Maharashtraplateau Arabian sea Telengana plateau Bay of Bengal maidan malnad surendra study solution Andaman . and Nicobar Lakshadweep Indian Occan BY: SURENDER SINGH 76

  6. Karnataka Plateau The Karnataka Plateau is also known as INDIA (Peninsular plateau region) the Mysore plateau The plateau is divided into two parts called Malnad and Maidan wa plateau Bu The Malnad in Kannada means hill Aasam plateau Central Highlands.... country Average elevation of 600-900 m Deccan plateau Maharashtraplateau The highest peak (1913 m) is at Arabian sea Telengana plateau Bay of Bengal Mulangiri in Baba Budan Hills maidan malna pla surendra Andaman study solution and Nicobar Lakshadweep Indian Occan BY: SURENDER Si

  7. Telangana plateau INDIA The Telangana plateau consists of (Peninsular plateau region) Archaean gneisses. It's average elevation is 500-600 nm eau lwa plateay Bund aamplateau entral Highlands.. Deccan plateau Maharashtra plateau Arabian sea Telengana plateau Bay of Bengal maidan maln surendra study solution and Nicobar Lakshadweep Indian Occan BY: SURENDER SINGH 78

  8. Western Ghats Folded parts of Deccan Plateau Also known as Shayadries More Continuous & higher than Eastern Ghats Separated from coast by narrow coastal plains mala ya Thar Deser ndhya Chota N a gpur vi Rannmof at pur e ccan Kutc Sundarbans Rich watersheds give birth to large peninsular rivers like Godavari and Krishna Extends from Tapi in North to Kanvakumari in south Lakshadweep Nilgiris Andaman and Cardamo Nicobar is HiIIs BY: SURENDER SINGH 72

  9. Western Ghats Important Passes (Rail Links , lim a la Thalghat Mumbai-Kolkata Bhorghat - Mumbai-Chennai Phalghat -> Kochi-Chennai Important Hill Ranges Cardmom Hills to south har Desert Chota Nagpur Vindhyas atpuras ecca n Rann of Kutc Sundarbans Platea Anamalai hills to nortlh Lakshadweep I Nilgiris Andaman and Nicobar 1s, Cardamo Palni to North East Nilgiri Range (Highest peak> Doda Betta along ooty (Udhagmandalam) Highest Peak of South India -> Anaimudi (2696 m) Hills TN BY: SURENDER SINGH 73

  10. Eastern Ghats im ala Extends from Odisha to North of Nilgiri hills Discontinuous & lower then Western Ghats Desert indhy Chor Ran Kute Decean Plateau Sundarban Do not give birth to important rivers like western ghats Separated from coast by very wide coastal plains Geologically older than western ghats Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri cut through this range to merge with Bay of Bengal lgi, Andaman and Nicobar I Cardamo Hitte The Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats meet in the Nilgiri hills BY: SURENDER SINGH 74

  11. Indian Islands 247 islands in India -> 204 islands in Bay of Bengal and 43 in the Arabian Sea Few coral islands in the Gulf of Mannar also Andaman and Nicobar Islands in Bay of Bengal consist of hard volcanic rocks The middle Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the largest islands of India Port Blair, the capital of Andaman Nicobar Islands lies in the South Andaman. Saddle peak (737 m) in North Andaman is the highest peak. Lakshadweep islands in the Arabian Sea are formed by corals BY: SURENDER SINGH 79

  12. MAP OF LAKSHADWEEP North Andaman INDIA CHETLAT BITBA CANNANORE MIddle Andaman KILTAN BANGARANM KADMAT South Andamarn AGATTI Port Blair KAVARATTI 287 Kms Nicobar a Nicobar Just 147 km from Sumatra island (Indonesia) MINICOY BY: SURENDER SINGH