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Syntexial Bend of Himalaya

Surender Singh
#M.Sc Geography # PG diploma in environment education .4years teaching experience#Geography NET qualified #2013 UPSC mains qualified .

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Indian Drainage system course complete firstly sir
Surender Singh
8 months ago
  1. Hi this is Smart Educator Surender Singh Y courses have be 1) 2) insolation Atmosphere oaded olcanoes Earthquakes 4) Earth's layers & Rocks World geograpythrough map its locatiorn structure of i Solar system & planets 6) 7 India and 7) s) BY:SURENDRA STUDY SOLUTION

  2. Save tSurenders Feed HI THIS IS SMART EDUCATOR SURENDER SIN Surender Singh created a course FACULTY OF VIOTUAL IAS ACADENY 5 22 Feb at 03:41 pm FORME FACULTY Of PARAMOUNT COACHING PVT-LTD. PG, D PLOMA IN ENV RONMENT EDUCATION e' GEOGRAPHY NET QUAL FVED 2013 MAINS CALI, D Surender Singh Educator since February 2019 #M.Sc Geography # PG diploma in environment education-4years teaching experience#Geography NET qualified #2013 UPSC mains qualified r tnsolation Proportion of Solar energy received or intercepted by earth Solar insolation is a measure of solar radiation energy received on a given surface area in a given t irrad ance in watts per s average 5 Lessons 19 likes 0 comment HINDI Volcanism&Earthquakes (Hindi) Volcano and Earthquake: UPSC CSE 120 0 3 Message Foowers Folowing Coursee Surender Singh 120 Followers Message HINDI Climatology All courses (3) (Hindi) Insolation/Solar Radiation UPSC CSE Save S.0 (1 rating) Write a review HINDI Volcanism&Earthquakes (2 ratings) Surender Singh Part-1 Volcanoes (in Hindi) Playing 01 (Hindi) Volcano and Earthquake: UPSC CSE Part-2 Mode of Eruption (in Hindi) 12:14 2 likes 1 comment share 02 5.0 * (1 ratings) Surender Singh Write a comment. BY: SURENDRA STUDY SOLUTION


  4. India divided into seven physical divisions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. The Northern Mountains The North Indian Plain The Peninsular Plateau The central highland Great Indian Desert The coastal Regions Islands The Himalayan Range m Pla S Deccan Plateau BY: SURENDER SINGH 34

  5. The Brahmaputra eanges Narmad Baglades Deccan Pla Arabian Sea Bay of Bengal Krishna 35 BY: SURENDER SINGH

  6. The North Indian Plain Punjab Plains is formed by the Indus and its tributaries with 1. major portion of this plains in 2. Ganga Plains is between Ghaggar 3. Brahmaputra Plains From Tista to 1 Pakistan. 2 3 and Tista rivers. Dihang. 1. Punjab Plains 2. Ganga Plains 3. Brahmaputra Plains BY: SURENDER SINGH

  7. The North Indian Plain The Plain is formed by depositional work of Rivers Indus, Ganga & Brahamputra 1 2400 km long & varying in width from 240 to approx. 320 km Divided into three sections 2 3 1. The Punjab Plain (Indus) 2. The Ganga Plain 3. The Brahmaputra Plain 1. Punjab Plains 2. Ganga Plains 3. Brahmaputra Plains BY: SURENDER SINGH 54

  8. Northern plains subdivisions Bhabhar Tarai Khadar Bhangar ra) 56 BY: SURENDER SINGH

  9. Division of Peninsular Plateau The Central HighlandThe Central Highlands .Malwa Plateau Bundelkhand .Baghelkhand Chotanagpur Plateau The Deccan Plateau .Deccan Trap Western Ghats .Eastern Ghats North-EastExtension har Desert Chota Nagpur Vindhyas e De Plateau BY: SURENDER SINGH 63

  10. INDIA Peninsular plateau region alwa plateau and plateau Bundekhand plateau Aasam platea Bha entral Highlands thgtanagpur plateau Deccan plateau Maharashtratplateau Arabian Telengana plateau sea Bay of Bengal karnataka plateau maidan malna surendra study solution Andaman and Nicobar Lakshadweep Indian Occan BY: SURENDER SINGHH 64

  11. Eastern coastal Plains & Western Coastal Plains BY: SURENDER SINGH 80

  12. indian Ocoan Indian Plate Formation of Himalayas Indian Subcontinent India today Pi te Eurasian Plate 10 million years ago continestal crust oceanic crus aesthenosphere 38 mante 71 Continental crust Continental crust r00 oceanic crust 200 BY: SURENDER SINGH 40

  13. HIMALAYAN REGIONS FROM WEST TO EAST umaap Himalayas Himalayas Himalayas Punjab Punjab Himalayas: This part lies between the Indus and Sutlej. They are also known as KashmirPAKISTAN Himalaya and Himachal Himalaya. Himalayas Sharda&Tista Rivers) Dihang or Siang Rivers NDIA MA1OR RIVERS O Kumaon Himalayas: This part lies between Sutlej and Kali rivers Nepal Himalayas:This part lies between the Kali and Tista rivers. Assam Himalayas: This part lies between the Tista and Dihang rivers. MYAN 20 20 BAYOF HENGAL water Divide The division has been done on the basis of the rivers flowing BY: SURENDER SINGH 43

  14. Knee-bend flexures that are called syntaxial bends Syntaxial Bends of Himalayas Nango Parbat Namcha Barwa BY: SURENDER SINGH 37

  15. The Himalayan Mountains can be further divided into following major ranges Trans Himalayas Greater Himalaya (Inner Himalaya) Middle Himalaya .Outer Himalaya (Shivalik Range/ Himachals) 2 1. Great Himalaya 2. Lesser Himalaya 3. Shiwaliks BY: SURENDER SINGH 46