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Partial Fraction Method
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This lesson introduces the concept of partial fractions to solve indefinite integrals

Vineet Loomba is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vineet Loomba
IITian | No. 1 Educator in IIT-JEE (Maths) | 2.6 Million Minutes Watch Time | 8+ Years Experience | Youtube: Maths Wallah |

Unacademy user
thanks sir, waiting for Ur upcoming classes eagerly
sir last question me remainder me 2 gayb h
Vineet Loomba
15 days ago
kaunsa 2 gayab h ? ..try to solve it on paper. .. 1/2 will be there when u back substitute
Sir you're the best mentor
Vineet Loomba
2 months ago
Excellent explanation sir,
Vineet Loomba
3 months ago
Thanks dont forget to share with ur frnds
sir how to proceed in Sin©®
Vineet Loomba
4 months ago
Where in sin ??
Rajesh Arya
4 months ago
Explanation bahot achcha hai lekin, agar apke youtube channel jaise saath saath likhte to conversion samajh mai jaldi aata. Alright thank You Sir.
Vineet Loomba
5 months ago
Yaar ye unacademy pe possible nhi h sorry ..there is no such function available here
Niteesh Shelke
5 months ago
ok thanks sir.. this is also good but YouTube pe best that.
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