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Method of Substitution Part-2
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This lesson show various examples for application of method of substitution for solving indefinite integration for jee main and advanced

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Vineet Loomba
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sir integration of sin³xcos²x mai cos²x ko 1-sin²x put karke kar skte hai?
sir integration of sin³xcos²x mai cos²x ko 1-sin²x put karke kar skte hai?
constant of integration=arbitatory constant this is right or not
Vineet Loomba
3 months ago
sir the way u explain is awesome, plz can u tell me how do we got to know what we have to substitute, sir im trying question but samjh nhi aata kya substitute kerna hai, but jab mae solution dekhta hu toa samjh aa jaata hai but phir next question try kerta hu then pta nhi chalta kya substitute kerna hai,, plz can u tell any trick or something plzzz , im getting problem in substitution approach plz !!!
Vineet Loomba
7 months ago
U have to practice some questions on this topic. .with practice u will be able to identify as there is no formula for that..start with ques from ncert and then move to other higher levels
Being COOL
7 months ago
thanks sir !!!!!!!!!!!
sir in 1st sum u intigrated cosx-sinx/cosx+sinx as log|cosx+sinx\ what if we divide the function with cosx and then use the formula for tan( a+b) then we will get the answer in log secx
Vineet Loomba
6 months ago
Yes both r correct
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