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Part III Gain Insights into Union - State Administrative Relations
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This lesson deals with the continuation of the topic Union- State Administrative relations which were discussed so far. As this lesson starts Bhavin explains the duty of the union according to the article 355. He briefs about the entry 1 that is the defense of India and every part of it, entry 2 that is armed forces of the union and entry 2A which is the development of armed forces in any state in the aid of civil powers. He also highlights matters of military or national importance according to the article 257. Lastly, he throws light on how parliament can declare the highways or waterways to be national highways or national waterways​ under article 257.

Bhavin Sangoi
BA Political Science and Psychology, Mumbai University. Teaching Polity, Economics and international relations for 7 years.

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sir aapke video bahut ache hai
Relevant examples. Thanks so much sir
Lucid English,Extraordinary teaching skills of you make us ease of learning.
Sir very informative. I would rather say that too much information in a very short spell of time! You bring life to the subject by quoting very relevant examples. Thanks and please continue making these awesome videos.
Excellent teaching !!!
  1. Course Name: In-depth study of Centre State Relations Lesson Name: Union - State Administrative Relations - IlI PRESENTED BY BHAVIN SANGO

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  3. Duty of the Union According to article 355, It shall be the duty of the Union to protect the state from any external aggression or internal disturbance and to ensure that government of each state is carried on in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution

  4. Duty of the Union Entry 1- Defense of India and every part of it Entry 2-Armed forces of the Union VEntry 2 A- Deployment of armed forces in any state in the aid of civil powers

  5. Matters of military or national importance According to article 257, Union can give direction to state for construction and maintenance of means of Communication declared to be of National or Military importance

  6. Matters of military or national importance Union can construct and maintain means of communication as a part of its functions with respect to mainly military and air force works under entry 4 of Union List VUnion can also issue directions to States for the measures to be taken for the Protection of railways within the state

  7. National highways or waterways According to article 257, Parliament can declare the highways or waterway to be national highways or national waterways Executive power over National highways or national waterways would be exercised by the Union (entry 23, 24 of the Union List)