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This course will farmiliarise you with aspects that make communication effective and aspects that make it dull.

Neetu Sugandh
Author of "A Letter of Motivation," "Twibeing" & “How I Learnt to Speak in English?” Founder of YouTube channel: Happy Tua

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  1. unacademy Follow me on: Rate, review, recommend and share How I learnt to Speak in English? By Neetu Sugandh Communication Heroes & Zeros . Communication trainer -Author - Spent 10 years in the field of Overview: Learning and Development - YouTube Channel: Neetu Author of the Book: How I Learnt to Speak in English? Book available on Sugandh Happy Tua

  2. unacademy COMMUNICATION PROCESS Two-way process Sender Channel Receiver Process of conveying information between two or more people

  3. unacadem HERO Building a connection Smile Positive body language Eye contact - Friendly

  4. unacademy ZERO Building a connection " Grumpy face Negative body language Negative body language " No eye contact Over-friendly or too serious

  5. unacademy HERO Introducing yourself Highlight key points " Keep it crisp - Remember names Remember names " Have a personality

  6. unacademy ZERO Introducing yourself . Forgetting names " Bragging or singing your owrn praises .Always discussing worlk

  7. unacademy HERO While listening Pay attention " Show a genuine interest . Paraphrase to check Paraphrase to check understanding Acknowledge when needed Acknowledge when needed

  8. unacademy ZEROS Eating up words Interrupting people " . Loud and rude tone Insulting people Having the percep you are right" Very fast rate of speech tion: "Only "

  9. unacademy HERO Courtesy words Friendly tone " Avoiding backbiters

  10. unacademy ZERO Saying 'NO' as 'No'